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Boss – Handle with Care

Throughout my career in Customer Service, I’ve come across several Bosses and I consider thyself very fortunate that all of them were very supportive, mentoring and caring. But the case is not very same with everyone.. Chain of Boss or to be more precise many kind of Bosses are there to explain and understand “Boss – Handle with Care”.

Once my Boss told me

Like you can’t choose your parents, you can’t choose your Boss


You may be very good and you have solved all the way puzzle, thus, have started understanding your immediate supervisor. Have you understood Boss of your Boss and his Boss and so on? Like me, you also are looking for the answer to this question. I have tried to analyze and pen down my views as much as possible. Let’s have a quick look and tips to handle them effectively:

  1. The Over – Friendly One: The most lovable and caring kind of Supervisor. He/she is the one who loves to enjoy the environment. For him, work environment is more important than his/her CTC (Cost to Company) or your CTC. Your life is easy in every way when he/she is around. They are the best in their people management skills due to the fact that they are people friendly. Apart from this, there are very high possibilities that they are weak of ears. Be aware, he/she may not be contributing to enhance your skills as they are too friendly to correct you when you are at fault.
    1. You are not supposed to learn anything about handling such Boss. Focus on your skill enhancement instead.. Don’t get too attached and learn how have they developed their people management skills. Since your wrong deeds have not been corrected yet, there are possibilities that you have not learnt the ‘Art of Patience’.
  2. The Guru One:The respectful one. He/she loves to be respected and maintain distance with their subordinates. Due to their nature of maintaining distance they tend to lose grip on people however, remain to be a respected figure. They are excellent in teaching the traditional ways of delivering a task. Exceptions are always there.
    1. Better to maintain a distance if you come across any such Boss. Learning is obvious thing which you get when he/she is around. Briefings and classes seems to be boring yet full of knowledge. Try to be a good student rather than an employee.
  3. The Mentor One:The disciplined and ideal one. He/she is very calculative and possesses excellent analytical skills. They know your weak areas and hence they know when and where to push your weak links. They are excellent in teaching and guiding you with the right skills. Be aware,you may be getting the highest rate of scolding when he/she is around. Don’t be afraid, the scoldings are for your own benefit.
    • Focus on learning and learn as much as you can. Don’t feel bad about any words they say, coz the words are not meant to hurt you or your feelings. Don’t be impatient. Give them respect and treat them as your mentor. Such Boss is to be praised for their harsh nature at times.
  4. The Rude One:The unfriendly one. Such Boss does care for the employees. However, in due course of time they have developed experience of being rude. It might be that they have been treated this way only so they think work can be done like this only. He/she is very less with knowledge sharing and very high with work delegation. Be aware, when they delegate any task. Check for the TAT (turn around time) and get back to them within the time frame.
    • Skill set to be on high side. Be a smart worker rather being a hard worker. Learn to understand what exactly he/she wants. Such Boss is not easy to handle and at times you get to feel losing your own existence. Patience is the key word in case you don’t have any other survival option
  5. The Greedy One:The Negative one. You feel negativity all around. Environment and work is not at all pleasant. You want to get rid of them.
    • Immediately switch the job. You are at wrong place.

There has to be a management lesson about how to handle your Boss. Nevertheless, I’ve tried to incorporate some points which may be beneficial to you. All the Best for your future endeavors.

By Niraj

Hey there ! I do not leave any chance to share my thoughts whenever I can.. My online presence is an inspiration to do something more.. Hope you like my articles.. Do share your views in comment section..

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