The power of 7 Powers

The power of 7 Powers

While a Cursory check-up through the oldest blogs, one article grabbed my attention,The power of 7 powers. I read it once again which I might have read a long time ago. It is an amazing article shared with me by The World Peace Keepers Movement which I thought to share with you all and including the same in my blog page. This article is worth reading.

• The Power of Gratitude

It is gratitude which makes the universe abound in blessings. The more you thank, the more you feel blessed. When gratitude envelops your being, you feel the hidden power of this human value. It transforms from inside. Gratitude is a great power.

• The Power of Forgiveness

Through forgiveness you rise above human hurt. When you are hurt, revenge is normal. Forgiveness is not human. It is divine. A power unparalleled.

• The Power of Love

Love is a great emotion. When in love, life becomes heaven. Does heaven in the life after death really matter? Life itself is heaven. Heaven comes to earth where love is overflowing. Wow ! What a power !

• The Power of Humility

In humility you accept simply and modestly your weaknesses and failings. You have no ego to protect, no pride to display, no arrogance to throw around. The power of humility lies in the great internal peace it brings to the individual. Nothing to show off. You look so beautiful!

• The Power of Giving

When you give your life and soul to a mission, you realise the true value of giving. The greatest giver in the universe is God. None can match his power. All hands are raised upwards in a perpetual state of receiving. The power always lies with the giver. Giving is indeed a great power. Give of yourself and embrace this power.

• The Power of Patience

In patience, difficulties vanish into thin air. Even while suffering, the internal fortitude manifests itself into a magnificent power called patience. Patience does not rest. It exercises its strength through the force of its action to overcome its hardships and troubles.

• The Power of Truth

Truth is the crown of all powers. It stands on the head of every spiritual king. Spirituality reveals itself through truth. Where there is truth there is purity. A power so pure, for man’s mental disease a sure cure.

Let’s safeguards these powers within ourselves so that they keep empowering you and your beloved ones always.

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