Plan Holidays in 2017

2016 is about to end in next 10 days and you must have started preparing to welcome Year 2017. To plan holidays in 2017, you must need to know the days when you can plan holidays. I mean you should know how to club your holidays with your off days in order to make upcoming Holidays an unforgettable events. Let’s look at all the Holidays month by month.

January 2017

It’s sad to see that the first day of 2017 is on Sunday which means one possible Holiday is already been ruined. Never mind, we have a long week end coming in our way in January 2017. 26th Jan, 2017 is India’s Republic Day and it’s a national holiday. The next 28th and 29th are Saturday and Sunday respectively. And you managed to take a day leave from your work on 27th. Here comes the long holiday. Go ahead and grab it.

You can visit hill stations like Manali, Shimla, Kasauli etc. You can see and play with snow. During this time of the year, Himachal hills are covered in snow.  Those who are not willing to visit hill station due to cold weather condition can try Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh tourism.

February 2017

February in 2017 have 28 days to spend. Good news is that the last days of this month is a long week end which can be planned for a short trip. 24th will be celebrated as Maha Shivratri and will certainly be a holiday in most of the offices. 25th and 26th are last days of the week. Go ahead and club these days. Yes, you are all set, your holiday is planned.

Wherever you go, make sure to plan you trip within 400 Km range from where you are situated currently. This will ensure to let you enjoy your planned holiday. Those who are in Delhi NCR, can plan for hill stations like Shimla, Kasauli, Parwanoo, Dehradun, Massoorie, Dhanolti etc. Chandigarh, Amritsar or Jaipur can be a good option as well. Visiting Jim Corbett national park would be a great choice as this is time when tiger spotting is highest in the forest.

March 2017

March in 2017 have two holidays options. Holi on 13th can be clubbed with Saturday and Sunday falling on 11th and 12th respectively. Another comes at the end of March. 28th March is Gudi Parva. If you have this day as holiday as per your HR holiday calendar and if you can afford to take leave on 27th, you are all set for a four days Holiday. 25th and 26th day of this month are Saturday and Sunday.

I would recommend that you take advantage of Holi leaves and visit your hometown. If not hometown, then Mathura is a nearby place from Delhi where you can visit. Holi in Mathura is a real experience to gain. The other holiday falling in March can be utilized to visit Hill stations of Himachal or Uttrakhand. This is the ideal time for south India tour. You can easily find a 3 night 4 days tour package for Ooty, Coorg, Mangalore etc. Kerala can be a desired destination too.

April 2017

April in 2017 have three holidays in a row. Starting days of the month is Saturday and Sunday followed with Ram Navami on 4th. Take a leave on 3rd of this month and you have 4 days in your hand for an awesome holiday. 13th April is Vaishakhi Festival and many offices are open. However if you are lucky and you have this day as Holiday, you are all set for another holiday. 14th is Good Friday followed with Saturday and Sunday. A long weekend is at the end of month which can be clubbed withLabour Day i.e. May 1st.

Like March, April has the same recommended places to visit. Madhya Pradesh can be a good option too. Visit Uttrakhand for enchanting beauty. Rishikesh gets open for River Rafting and camping. You may also try foreign locations like Mauritius or Maldives.

June 2017

June in 2017 has only one holiday option. 26th is Ramazan Eid after 24th and 25th weekend days. I would advise to stay at home and save money for upcoming holidays in August.

August 2017

August in 2017 can be declared as Holiday month of the year. Starting from 12th day of this month till 20th day of this month can be enjoyed as grand holiday.  15th is India’s Independence day right after 14th which is Janmashtami. 17th is Parsi New Year and may not be a HR declared holiday for you. If that is the case take 3 days leave from 16th to 18th and you have 9 days grand holiday. If you are planning these days for holiday, the last days of August which is a long week end can be spared. 25th is Ganesh Chaturthi. Right after is the weekends 26th and 27th.

So, 12th August to 20th August is planned, right. This is the best time to visit Leh-Laddakh. If you do so, I can vouch for a memorable trip of the year. Book the flight, Hotel, Car etc right now. Leh in August attract too much crowd. Those who are not lucky enough to this long holiday can visit Mathura and enjoy Janmashtami celebration. Visit Mathura, go to Bake Bihari Temple. Enjoy colourful celebration of Krishna Janmashtami at Janambhumi. You have many options there to make your Mathura visit memorable. From Delhi, Mathura is 2 to 3 hours’ drive and is an easy gateway. On 15th visit Tajmahal and return to Delhi the same day. Those who are from Southern part of India can plan for Coorg, Rameshwaram and Kerala. Check weather warning though before you plan your travel.

For last weekend if you are not going to stay at home, visit Mumbai and see Ganesh Chaturthi there. Weekend after Ganesh Chaturthi can be enjoyed at Lonawala, Khandala or Mateharan. This part of year brings heavy rain in Mumbai and nearby areas. Henceforth, pack your cloths accordingly.

October 2017

Another Holiday month. 2nd of October is National Holiday right after weekend, 30th September and 1st October. From 14th of this month till 22nd of this month are days with all popular festivals of India falling in same week. 16th will be Dhanteras, 18th will be Diwali and 20th will be Bhai Dooj. Take leave on 17th and 19th and visit your hometown if you are staying far from your family members. Diwali being the most auspicious festive for Indians, you are advised to dedicate this month for your Family.

If you are still willing to go out and wanted to plan your travel, visit North east India. Right after the rains, the hills in seven sisters are nostalgic to experience. Goa can also be an amazing options during this time of the year.

December 2017

December 2017 is the month to recollect all your memories of the year. This month leaves no chance to bring all your memories back. Eid-E-Milad is on 1st of December. That makes a long weekend. 23rd, 24th and 25th day of December bring another long week end for Christmas celebration.

This time of year is absolutely yours and hence no recommendations. Enjoy like you want. Memories are yours and there should not be any compromise enjoying it to the fullest.

So, you have planned your leaves. Did you say, no! Go and plan your holidays. Year 2017 may bring lots of travel experience and happiness to your life. Do share your views in comment Section.

Happy New Year 2017.

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