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Salary: From Happiness to Unconsciousness

Are you a salaried person? If yes, this post may bring smile on your face. This post is about how salary changes our lives. How does a month get divided into never ending truth of life?  The moment we realize it, we gets more close to our prospective of living our life.

Salary is turning our life into a wheel which rotates every time it gets a push.

Let’s see how:

Hafta-E-Madhosh –

This can also be known as Week of Happiness.  This is usually the first week after you got your salary. You are happy and you have your month planned. You are going to pay your bills happily. No regret with anyone. You are planning vacations and looking for the good deals already. Nutshell, you are enjoying the moment.

Haftaa-E-Josh –

This week is the Week of Fanaticism. Thy have paid all the bills by now and still you have portion of your salary left to spend. You are out for vacation and you call it the most desired vacation. You are full of enthusiasm and ready to buy the whole world.

Hafta-E-Khamosh –

Also, known as Week of Silence. This is the week when you have little salary left in your account. Now, you know that you still have to manage the entire month, you spend less. Outings, Partying, Clubbing etc are almost banned. You stop yourself from meeting friends and going out for a dinner. Basically, you love silence around you during this week.

Hafta-E-Behosh –

The final week of the month is probably the toughest time. This is the Week of Unconsciousness. You are left with no money in your hand. Instead, you have requested your close friends to lend some. You have promised to return the debt when you will again be happy. You are almost done with all the anxieties and it feels that you are no more awake. This is the time when wait for Hafta-E-Madhosh to return.

It’s a vicious circle and we are stuck into this. This is never ending and yet we enjoy our life. At this moment, I would like to advise not to stop what you are doing. Go ahead and follow your trails. Nobody is going to stop you.

The New Year, A New Day, A New beginning is going to be yours. Make every day countable and enjoy.

Hope this article brought smile on your face. If it does, share your views in comment. Cheers !

By Niraj

Hey there ! I do not leave any chance to share my thoughts whenever I can.. My online presence is an inspiration to do something more.. Hope you like my articles.. Do share your views in comment section..

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