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Motorcycling : Interesting Facts and Statistics


Last year, Two-wheeler industry in India emerged as the biggest market globally, selling more than 17.6 million units ,which includes motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. 

With this, India has surpassed the Chinese market which reportedly sold 16.8 million units last year.

Over the years, China has been focusing more on the car market which is drawing good revenue. Ban on petrol fuel two-wheelers in tier-1 cities is another reason which has been cited for Two-wheelers downtrend. 

India on the other hand continues to grow big since 2010. Huge government initiatives in terms of improving small town infrastructure in the recent times, is one of the major reasons for the push. 

The market is also capitalizing on women riders which has grown substantially during the last few years. Honda, which currently leads the scooter market, has 35% of women share alone.

Indonesia is next behind India and China. Though it recorded sales of 6 million units last year but the figure was half a million less from 2015. 

While scooters and mopeds are not so popular in the western world, it’s the motorcycles that are generally preferred as a means of transportation, utility and leisure travel. 

Let me share this amazing infographic on Motorcycles facts and stats from bboffroad team. I am happy to see Indian enthusiasm, making whatever little statement, trying to match the global motorbike fun. Take a look – 

Motor Bike Stat

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