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Learn How to Sell Your Art Online? This itself Is an Art

Do you have the skill and talent to put together masterpieces?

But struggle to get rewarded for your work? In other words, don’t find any buyers? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s the similar story with most artists worldwide. 

They are good at what they are good at. Things around them don’t matter. They keep on piling stack of great paintings next to their canvas but without any admirers, forget admirers!

A good percentage of artists worldwide follow their passion as a means of living, for others it is just a passion. Needless to say, the true worth of an art piece is only realized when people buy your work.

One of the notable things here is to identify your audience. You have to find people who can truly understand your work and bear a similar passion as yours.

The only difference is that they are on the other side of the table and cannot play with the painting brush as only you could do.

Art could be anything. An exquisite photograph, painting, caricature, comic skills, paper art, drum work or any other work that requires special skills and creativity.

Everything these days happen on the internet. If you’re still living in the physical world, then you’ll never be able to sell your art.

Let me share this wonderful infographic that would teach you how you can have visibility for your work online. Selling your art online isn’t that difficult if you follow these –

sell your art online make money

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Handicraft: A perfect solution for home decor

Handicrafts are more often expressed as Artisan handicraft or handmade, made completely by hand or by using only simple tools. It has its root in rural areas from all across the world and thus was less explored and remained untouched for many decades. Unlike western countries, in India, Hand made crafts are still the main source of income for many. Hand made crafts are picking its pace especially with the introduction of online giants and eCommerce portals.

It’s a history of 5000 years and thus it is bound to pick it’s momentum. Handicraft and Artisans have grown there momentum nowadays.

It become important for all of us to know the real source of such handicraft which you often see on online marketplaces like Amazon, FlipKart, Hastakalakart etc. This beautiful info-graphic created by HastakalaKart team is self explanatory. You might wanna check it out. The info-graphic has the most famous types of handicrafts and there main source of availability in India.

If you ever visit to India, do pay a visit to the locations mentioned in above info-graphic. All the Best !

Handicraft Infographic

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Desi Daru, Whiskey and Scotch – You think You Know it all?

Desi Daru, Whiskey and Scotch

India is the largest consumer of whiskey globally, accounting for nearly 60% of worlds total liquor by volume. This doesn’t mean that Indians are the heaviest drinkers but it largely has to do with India’s population which is fast inching close to China. 

Let me share a few interesting facts, coupled with an info-graphic on Whiskey.

What’s Desi Daru ? – Nothing but an alcoholic drink highly popular in Indian villages and low income rural and urban regions. It is fermented and distilled from molasses which is a by product of sugarcane. Desi daru is made locally with legal and illegal set-ups all over the country. 

Tharra is nothing but it’s variant. Illegitimate production of the desi daru is pretty rampant and widespread today.

Now what we drink in urban cities is what we call as ‘Angrezi Sharab‘. 

Angrezi Sharab or Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) – is the terminology used by government, businesses and commercial entities. It includes whiskey that is made in India apart from spirits that are imported from outside the country. 

Alcoholic percentage in IMFL is usually around 43%. These are mixtures built using neutral spirits that are distilled from fermented molasses.  

While India doesn’t have a compulsory definition of whiskey, America and European Union have strict qualifications, defining a drink as Whiskey. 

Did you know a whiskey and Scotch are different ? See this infographic to know more – 

Infographics - Alcohol

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Motorcycling : Interesting Facts and Statistics


Last year, Two-wheeler industry in India emerged as the biggest market globally, selling more than 17.6 million units ,which includes motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. 

With this, India has surpassed the Chinese market which reportedly sold 16.8 million units last year.

Over the years, China has been focusing more on the car market which is drawing good revenue. Ban on petrol fuel two-wheelers in tier-1 cities is another reason which has been cited for Two-wheelers downtrend. 

India on the other hand continues to grow big since 2010. Huge government initiatives in terms of improving small town infrastructure in the recent times, is one of the major reasons for the push. 

The market is also capitalizing on women riders which has grown substantially during the last few years. Honda, which currently leads the scooter market, has 35% of women share alone.

Indonesia is next behind India and China. Though it recorded sales of 6 million units last year but the figure was half a million less from 2015. 

While scooters and mopeds are not so popular in the western world, it’s the motorcycles that are generally preferred as a means of transportation, utility and leisure travel. 

Let me share this amazing infographic on Motorcycles facts and stats from bboffroad team. I am happy to see Indian enthusiasm, making whatever little statement, trying to match the global motorbike fun. Take a look – 

Motor Bike Stat

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5 Wellness Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

2017 saw a dramatic shift in the field of health & fitness. People have gone more conscious about their health than ever.

They now seem to have identified the importance of leading an active lifestyle and consuming healthier foods.

Looking at this, we are even hopeful for 2018. Healthy living would be the focal point.

Today, I predict 5 wellness trends that are expected to surface in the coming year.


  1. Love for food continues but strictly healthy food now -

Growing reliance on technology has led to advent of lifestyle diseases. People perhaps understand that but still fail to include healthier alternatives in their daily lives.

What’s good here is the preference to consider a healthy lifestyle which has gone widespread. Infact, Health and wellness is the next trillion dollar market, which includes beauty and anti-ageing products, fitness & exercising besides food and nutrition.

Consumers are apparently opting for foods and superfoods these days. They are ready to spend more on products to benefit from good health and efficient weight loss.

2018 will witness a rise in the market of healthy and organic foods. Artificial and synthetic flavors will fade gradually.


  1. Shift to other means of transport -

Given our busy schedules, we find it difficult to take out time for daily exercising. But we have discovered other means to it.

For example, many people today prefer cycling to work or walking if their workplace is at a walk-able distance.

This is going to be common in the coming months.

In a country like India, where we continually deal with the problem of rising traffic and dangerous pollution levels, this will help. Cycling is a great way to avoid traffic and save time.

Moreover, our body stays in shape and is not deprived of physical activity.  

As times get busier, people will try to include healthier ways in their hectic schedules to achieve fitness.


  1. Healthier alternatives to hardcore drinks -

The ill-effects of alcohol and tobacco are well known. We all know how badly the addition affect our bodies.  While it still seems difficult to ward off the alcohol craze, it’s encouraging to see people considering alternatives.

Hardcore liquors are going to be less preferred. Beer and Wine, which have considerably lesser alcohol content, will be ordered more.

Wine already is one of the most preferred drinks in the west with its flavor catching up fast globally. Wine also offer enormous health benefits as compared to other drinks so all the more reason for promise.

Watch out for new year, the trend is surely going to catch up and to continue in 2018.


  1. Poor lifestyle patterns to induce lifestyle changes for youth -

Young people working in offices are finding it difficult to lead an active life. Desk jobs are causing weight gain, bad posture and other diseases. Another reason for increasing health issues is the extra availability of food choices and poor habits.

Night shifts and skipping meals is common. Binge eating is leading to problems like obesity while eating at odd hours is resulting in nutrient deficiency and poor productivity levels.

However, despite of rise in diseases and other health problems, more and more people are making efforts to eat right and become physically active. 2018 is expected to see a further growth in the percentage of people indulging in an active lifestyle.


  1. SPORTS to take preference over GAMES -

The last decade or so was largely dominated by technology. The trend still continues but the striking difference is rising awareness about the downside it could bring in our day to day lives.

Sports will be considered more over Games. Though there is a thin line between the two but you would always prefer your kids going out and play rather than playing a spell of Temple Run on your smartphone. Isn’t it?

The latter is only entertaining while an activity outdoor is highly beneficial to health and well being.

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Do You Know Your Bournville?

We all love chocolates? Don’t we?

Chocolate history dates back to 1900 BCE when people used it in beverages. Today, it is one of the major foods and snacks.

West Africa, currently is the largest producer of Chocolate. Côte d’Ivoire in Ivory Coast is the leader in production and export of the cocoa beans, that is used in the production of chocolate. It supplies 33% of the total cocoa produced globally.

While Europe leads the pack in terms of chocolate consumption, other nations are not behind either.

Chocolate is perhaps the most flavorsome food enjoyed by people of all ages today. We love it in the form of desserts, to make cakes and cookies, brownies and puddings, coffees and garnishing agent.

Chocolate is essentially a superfood as well simply because it offers enormous health benefits. We take a look at this amazing infographic on Chocolate, highlighting the health benefits and some exciting facts and numbers.


Do You Know Your Bournville?