Boost Gmail with these 10 super tips

Boost Gmail with these 10 super tips

Gmail – A favorite of all. According to Statista, Gmail has over 1.5 billion users across world in 2018.  The real question is, “Are you the one too ?”

If Yes, do you know how to use gmail like a super user. I bet you missed these super cools tips. Don’t worry, you can send me a Thank you note later on.

  • Recall Sent Messages

We all make mistakes. Sometime we send the email without an attachment, or we may forget to add some points. These are the situations when we wish we can redo our actions and recall these emails. Good news ! Gmail has this feature inbuilt and is very friendly to use.

To use this feature just go to settings. Click on “Gear” icon, in the “Undo Send” section check the box next to “Enable Undo Send”. And set timer according to your convenience.

After this is enabled, every time you send a mail, Gmail will notify you about mail sent and you will also notice the undo button in front of you.

  • Use keyboard shortcuts to archive, reply, and do anything & everything in your inbox.

Hit “Shift + ?” to see everything you can do,  and Gmail will overlay a full listing. Keyboard
shortcuts save you plenty of time in sorting through your emails.

To turn on keyboard shortcuts, go to the General tab in Settings, then select "Keyboard shortcuts on."

I prefer the best ones to use: "e" archives the email you have selected or are currently reading, "r" is reply, "a" will reply-all, and "!" will mark an email as spam.

  • Use an alias when you subscribe or websites ask for your email address, so you can have Gmail automatically action their emails.

Most of us don't know that Gmail doesn't discriminate between different variations on your username. You may be using, but or will go to the exact same place.

This is pretty useful if a website is wanting you to subscribe or asking for your email address. You know it's going to be added to their newsletter.

When you sign up, add a + alias (like and create a filter, so Gmail knows these emails aren't that important.

In Gmail, go to Settings, then the Filters tab, and select "Create a new filter." Once there, add "" in the To: field and hit "Create filter with this search."

Now just hit the check box to Delete. Click the "Create Filter" button. Say goodbye to all that future spam.

  • Reply to frequent requests in seconds with "canned responses."

If you find yourself frequently answering the same emails over and over, you might want to enable Google's "canned responses."

First, go to the Labs tab in Settings, and click Enable on "Canned Responses." Your inbox should reload and it will be turned on. Now when you reply to an email, type out what your message is going to be.

Before you send, click the down arrow on the right-hand side, and choose Canned Responses > Save New canned response. Give it a name and hit Ok.

From now on, if you need to type that message again, you can just use the same drop-down menu to quickly insert it, instead of retyping it again and again.

  • Use Sidekick to know the moment someone opens your email.

If you're sending off an important email and want to know the second your recipient sees it, Sidekick will do the trick.

Sidekick, a Chrome extension by HubSpot, gives you the option of tracking the emails you send.

Sidekick-enabled emails are tracked for opens — you'll receive a desktop notification as soon as the other person reads it — and it will also tell you if they click a link inside.

  • Mass-unsubscribing through :

Tried and tasted. Works well. If you are constantly getting bombarded by email newsletters, you might want to take for a spin.

Once you sign up with the service, it will scrutinize your inbox
and give you a listing of everything you are subscribed to. From there, you can
drop the ones you don't want with just one click. will even combine newsletters you still want to keep around into a single digest.

  • Rapportive/salesnavigator lite will give you insight about the person you are emailing with.

Rapportive is a free Chrome extension that puts an identity to that email address.

After it's installed, you'll get a spot placed in your right sidebar for the extension, which displays the person's name, location, current job position and more — all based off their LinkedIn profile.

Unfortunately, generic emails will not be identified since they do not belong to a person.

  • Use Boomerang to schedule sending emails, or snooze emails to reply on some other date.

Boomerang is another great Chrome extension that adds the ability to "snooze" incoming and outgoing emails.

If you are emailing late but don't want the other person to know that, you can use Boomerang to send it first thing in the morning instead.

Or if you've got a ton of emails in your inbox that you'd like to just have snoozed so they can come back a week from now (or whenever you want), select the emails, click Boomerang, set a time, and the extension will do the rest.

  • Mute Noisy Email Threads

No one likes a lot of email which have no use. Sometime there may be some annoying conversations you just want to mute.

To mute a conversation, you just have to follow some simple steps. To do so, just select the email and click on more dropdown menu in side of “label and folder” option. Just click on mute and you should be good to go.

  • Use Google Drive to Send Large Attachments

To send large attachments usually more than 25 mb of space, upload the file on Google Drive, then go to Compose and then click on the Google Drive icon beside the attachment icon. You’re all set!

Extra perks of reading this email 😊

  • Turn Off Gmail’s Inbox Tabs

Gmail by default comes with five tabs enabled, Primary, Social, Promotion, Updates and Forums. Emails are categorized as per their nature of content. What if, you don’t wish to have these.

Turn off these extra tabs by going to “settings” then “inbox” and then “categories” options.

  • Change the Star Setting to Rank Email Messages

You’ve probably noticed the little stars next to each message. Click the star, it turns yellow. The star is a great way to mark an important message. Wouldn’t it be great if you could differentiate between your important messages by marking them with different colors?

A little-known Gmail secret is that you can change the star settings in Gmail with the “Settings > General > Stars” option. There are a total of twelve star options available, including different colored stars and other symbols such as exclamation points and even a question mark. Use them as per the will.

Hope you enjoyed reading and are now a super user of gmail. Let
me know how do you feel when you flaunt yourself in front of friends and relatives.

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