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A Walk in Nature – Kasauli

2014, It was early morning and we all were very excited. Why not? We had planned for this trip since long.. I have been traveled almost all north India locations like, Leh-Ladakh, Dhanolti, Shimla, Mussoorrie,

2014, It was early morning and we all were very excited. Why not? We had planned for this trip since long.. I have been traveled almost all north India locations like, Leh-Ladakh, Dhanolti, Shimla, Mussoorrie, Nainital any many others. However, this was a long awaited trip – well deserved, we said. I was the only one who already had visited Kasauli before. That was a group of four boys; Me, my childhood friend Abhishek, my brother Dheeraj, and his friend Lekhraj. Those were the days when I was not married. Anyhow, this is not my story, so let me focus on highlighting the journey towards Kasauli.

In Delhi, the capital of India, it is absolutely up to you to find what you want. We wanted a luxury trip but the expenses less than a low budget trip. So, we searched for every possible way to first reach Kasauli. Searched for buses to Shimla, buses to Kasauli, Train to Kalka etc. but none came out well. Then we thought to drive to Kasauli on our own. For that, we should have the possession of a Car and a driver. Car can be taken on lease from Zoom car or other rental portals, but driver? None of us has the skills to drive. We had to drop this idea as well. We started searching for rented car with AC preferably an XUV so that we all five can fit in well and remain comfortable during the journey. Don’t get confuse readers, four of us and addition of Driver makes us five. The expenses were coming very high. Any XUV was available to us in 14 Rs/Km excluding driver night stay charges and toll taxes.

Here, very important point for all of you to understand is that in Delhi, negotiation works well. The only thing you need to do is talk. Lekhraj, my brother’s friend took this pain and managed to book an Innova in 10 Rs/Km that too a private number. That means toll taxes free. I took the initiative to book good hotel in reasonable price. Online portals with heavy discounts can be your savior. Just go for it.

On the final day, it was 5:00 AM in the morning and the Innova was standing at our door step. We sat and journey began. We were excited so we started singing songs.. Everybody has their own choice of song to sing. This is what we do most of the times. J.

So far, for you to remember out of all the craps above are –

Do the negotiation well for Cars, and trust online portals for Hotel reservation.

Now, clean the slate and move forward ?

You can find many breakfast spot on GT Karnal highway but nothing can compare Murthal. Those who live in Delhi does know about this place. Those who are from outside Delhi, must try this place. It’s a place, can be called as Village with many local restaurants (Dhabas).

We finished the breakfast and continued to Kasauli. From Delhi to Kasauli, it should not take more than 6 hours. By the time we reached Kasauli, the clock was ticking at 11:30 AM. By 12:00 mid-day we were already in our respective rooms.

Kasauli Regency (the hotel) is located in the heart of Kasauli. You will have lots of options for hotels and some are very good and provide soundless DJ to enjoy as well.. Soundless DJ is a concept of enjoying music on the beats of DJ without placing any loud speakers. A Bluetooth headphone will be given to you and you can tune in to any of the channels on which your DJ is playing. Kasauli Regency is one of them. Weather in Kasauli remains at 30 degree Celsius during summers and during winter’s temperature may dip below zero degree. If you are planning your travel during winters, make sure that you have packed you luggage with lots of warm cloths and Jackets. Boots are advised in legs while in Kasauli due to mountain and terrains.

Kasauli is a peaceful place situated at the height of 6110 ft and usually holidayed with a purpose to spend some days outside the hustle and bustle of city. Not much places to visit, but a walk in nature is more than enough if you are really targeting for a quiet days. We had the same very thought of spending some time in the lap of nature.

During evening we took a walk on the mall road. The mall road is an authentic market place with lots of stuff to eat and buy. Every time, I visited Kasauli, I ensured to have Maggie noodles. The best part is that even when Maggie was banned in India, we easily managed to get one from street vendors. It is advisable to roam around the market and do some shopping. Not the window shopping ofcourse.

End of the day, it’s a small town which has their economy run and maintained due to tourism only. Let’s contribute 🙂 .

There is one Pharmacy in the market and two ATMs outside market (towards bus stop). So choose, which way you want to go first. You may find yourself running out of your breathe in mountains and hence keep water bottle handy with you always. You will certainly not fall sick due to AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) but can feel nausea and headache. AMS is more prominent while you are travelling to Leh-Ladakh. Water will help you to flush out all the toxins. There is an old church nearby. Whether you are a believer or a free thinker, you should visit this Church. Photographers can spot good nature views near Sunset point or Manki Point.

After the sun settled at horizon, we came back to hotel. Our trip consists of two days and one night stay only. However, if you have more days with you, you can try more nearby places like, Parwanoo, Shimla etc.

Visiting such places bring peace to you mind and soul thus ensuring that you get more close to the divine nature. Be clear with your purpose of visit and duration of visit.

While coming back to Delhi, we bought some of the good collection of wines which you can find inside or outside Kasauli. These wines are said to be authentic, old and priced reasonable for you to buy.  By the time it was dark, we already have reached our home, relaxing and planning where to go next time.

I hope this brief summary will help you in case you are planning to visit Kasauli. Do share your views in comment section..

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  1. Woww. After reading this article i feel like am i roaming around Kasauli 🙂

    Amazing description and in depth views about a place , this gives me a view to plan for Kasauli.

    Cheers & Thanks for this article .

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