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9 Most Popular Productivity Extensions for Chrome

Friends, this is my first post on NJ diaries. Thanks to Niraj for providing a platform to share things and stuff we all love!

I am happy to be contributing again after so many years.  Although it’s my work that is prompting me to, but I am sure we all are appreciative of intelligent and insightful content.

I have seen diverse topics being talked off here, so I’ll follow the suit. Hope you’ll enjoy!

Productivity is an issue for most of us today. We love multitasking and multi-focusing. This negatively impacts the quality of work but that’s hardly noticed.

Technology is for all and even our employers have caught up with the trend. We are expected to do more, in less time. Not that human efficiency has increased over the years but we are now complimented by technology, which is helping us to be more productive.

I’ll share an interesting infographic today. It speaks about some of the ‘Most Popular Productivity Extensions for Chrome’.

For a fact, Chrome leads the way among all browsers and across all platforms (Including desktop, mobile and tablet) with a global market share of 54.89%.

Safari and UC browser are next in the list but I’m not hoping the gap to shrink anytime soon. These are the recent browser figures by StatCounter.

No wonder why we have millions of Chrome extensions in the market today. The above stats are sufficient to support this claim. While we would be focusing on some Productivity extensions today, Playstore has it all in all categories.

Check this out. It’s a wonderful piece.

9 Most Popular Productivity Extensions for Chrome