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Do You Know Your Bournville?

We all love chocolates? Don’t we?

Chocolate history dates back to 1900 BCE when people used it in beverages. Today, it is one of the major foods and snacks.

West Africa, currently is the largest producer of Chocolate. Côte d’Ivoire in Ivory Coast is the leader in production and export of the cocoa beans, that is used in the production of chocolate. It supplies 33% of the total cocoa produced globally.

While Europe leads the pack in terms of chocolate consumption, other nations are not behind either.

Chocolate is perhaps the most flavorsome food enjoyed by people of all ages today. We love it in the form of desserts, to make cakes and cookies, brownies and puddings, coffees and garnishing agent.

Chocolate is essentially a superfood as well simply because it offers enormous health benefits. We take a look at this amazing infographic on Chocolate, highlighting the health benefits and some exciting facts and numbers.


Do You Know Your Bournville?