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Plan Holidays in 2018

Like Holiday's in 2017, 2018 is going to be an extremely wonderful year for the travelers. And, this applies to both frequent and occasional one's. To plan holidays in 2018, you must need to know the days when you can plan holidays. I mean you should know how to club your holidays with your off days in order to make upcoming Holidays an upcoming Holidays an unforgettable events. Let’s look at all the Holidays month by month.

January 2018

The very first day of 2018 is Monday which means possibility to have an extended weekend if clubbed with 30th and 31st December 2017. 26th Jan, 2018 is India’s Republic Day and it’s a national holiday (Friday). The next 27th and 28th are Saturday and Sunday respectively. Here comes the another long weekend. Go ahead and grab it.

You can visit hill stations like ManaliShimlaKasauli etc. You can see and play with snow. During this time of the year, Himachal hills are covered in snow.  Those who are not willing to visit hill station due to cold weather condition can try Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh tourism.

February 2018

Nothing much in this month except the "Union Budget Fever". However, you still have 13th Feb as one Holiday.

I recommend you to stay put and enjoy with Family. Save your earning for coming big holidays and weekends.

March 2018

March in 2018 have two extended and really long holiday's options. Holi on 2nd can be clubbed with Saturday and Sunday falling on 3rd and 4th respectively. Another comes at the end of March. 29th March is Mahavir Jayanti and 30th is "Good Friday". If you have this day as holiday as per your HR holiday calendar, you are all set for a four days Holiday.

Go visit your hometown and enjoy Holi in the villages of India. If not, then Mathura is a nearby place from Delhi where you can celebrate this colourful festive. Holi in Mathura is a real and lifetime experience. The other holiday falling in March can be utilized to visit Hill stations of Himachal or Uttrakhand. This is the ideal time for south India tour. You can easily find a 3 night 4 days tour package for Ooty, Coorg, Mangalore etc. Kerala can be a desired destination too.

April 2018

April in 2018 have a long weekend at the end of month which can be clubbed with Labour Day i.e. May 1st. A four days weekend gateway is ready to explore.

Madhya Pradesh can be a good option. Visit Uttrakhand for enchanting beauty. Rishikesh gets open for River Rafting and camping. You may also try foreign locations like Mauritius or Maldives.

June 2018

June in 2018 has only one holiday option. 15th is Ramazan Eid before 16th and 17th weekends. Stay put and get ready for upcoming adventures.

August 2018

Unlike August 2017 when you had plenty of options to go on a trip, August 2018 has no opportunity to club Holidays. Enjoy weekday off holidays and watch some super awesome TV series or movies. Yes, you can club movies with Popcorn or Tea 🙂

September 2018

It starts and starts with a extended weekend option. 3rd Sep is Krishna Janmashtami and is falling on Monday.

If you missed to visit Mathura in Holi, then must plan a short trip to Mathura and Vrindavan. You will be enchanted with Hare Rama Hare Krishna chanting all over Mathura.

Another one is 21st Sep (Friday). This year, people are going to celebrate this day as Muharram. This day can be a potential day to add in weekends.

October 2018

A Holiday month. 2nd of October is National Holiday but no weekend attached so either you take leaves in between or stay at home and spend time with Family. From 18th of this month till 21st of this month are days when India will celebrate Dussehra.

Visit West Bangal to feel the real Dussehra. If you are explore more visit North east India. Right after the rains, the hills in seven sisters are nostalgic to experience. Goa can also be an amazing options during this time of the year.


This is all from my side Folks ! Enjoy like you want. Memories are yours and there should not be any compromise enjoying it to the fullest. Do share your views in comment Section.

Happy New Year 2018.