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Anger – Learn to channelize your emotion

I have discussed motivational stories before but this topic Anger is certainly not the one to get motivate with. In this article, I will try to portrait Anger from altogether a different prospective. Let me know how you think about this article in comment section.

Anger is an extreme emotion and it stimulates in reaction of an action. Whatever may be the action, if its unpleasant, unacceptable and uncomfortable, the response often lead to an emotion known as Anger. So, when you know how and when you get angry, you know the solution as well. I would say do not control it. Instead let it went out and try to channelize it every next time you get angry or feel angry.

The sheer power of anger is overwhelming – it seems like we are at the mercy of our angry mind and there is nothing we can do.

Below are the simplest five ways which can help you channelizing your anger in right direction –

Accept the fact that you get angry

Start accepting the fact that you get angry. It does not matter that you are angry, instead what matters is how often you show such emotions.

OK, I’m still angry, but I am trying. I feel good about that, I feel proud that I am trying to change.”

Now, when you know how often you get angry, you would know when to keep a check on it.

Face your anger

Most often, it is your closed ones who face brunt of your anger. Start facing your wrath yourself. This will help you in getting close to channelizing the supreme power of anger. Anger is a negative emotion but when you face it you channelize it towards a positive energy.

Every single time you get angry, analyse your emotional outcome. You will realize that the situation was not worth the distress you have gone through. More importantly, the person you get angry on, does not deserve to get the wrath of it.

Take a break and lighten-up

Now, you know that what words, or situation or instance take the animal out of you. Take a break at the same moment. Lighten-up your brain and think of the most beautiful thing you ever had. That beauty of your life may be your mother, your wife, your adorable daughter, your pet etc. You will see that with practice, your anger is channelizing into a positive and constructive output of brain.

Let the brain do its job

Human brain is capable of changing the negatives into positives. Brain keeps all negative impressions hidden and locked inside. After some time, you tend to remember only the happy moments of your life. That’s how you end up landing into the same relation which was broken and shattered because of clashes and anger.

I’m just a bad person, my anger is too strong and it’s not going to change.”

I would say, “come on, you are strong enough to win over your anger. This emotion originates from you and which originates from you cannot be stronger than you.”