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Check these 5 tips before you leave Solo

Whether you are a travel enthusiast or already a wanderer of this mighty earth, some or other important things often missed while preparing for the ultimate trip. Such misses eventually lead to some or other issues which may ruin all the fun.

May I request to pitch in here with some hot tips which can save the day?

  • Travel light is a good idea : You are on solo trip. Common sense says that you are alone. This also implies that no one is there to support you when it comes to handling the packing stuff. Make sure you pack light and carry a backpack with essential items all the time

  • Check the mode of money transactions : Whether you are travelling within country or its a much awaited abroad travel, try to have less cash and rely more on digital transactions. If travelling international, you may wish to inform your bank on international card usage. Most of the banks provide this facility from their internet banking. Apply for a good Forex card, which can save you some transaction fees during your stay in destination country

  • Fun stay while you travel : Since you are travelling solo, you may wish to pick the stay which has some fun element. Choose a home stay, or a hostel. These places have good arrangement which may cost you much less than a hotel. Stay exchange programs are trending these days. You may wish to explore that as well.

  • A good camera phone : A good camera phone can be your life saver. Stunning photos along with right apps which gives you more flexibility is much needed especially when you are travelling solo. I used google translator while was in Taiwan and it makes my life much easier in terms of understanding local language and communicating with local friends.

  • Take insurance : Taking insurance is always a good idea. Within India, it may not add more value but certainly during emergency, Insurance can be your guarding angel. On the other hand, there are countries, wherein Hospitals does not provide services until and unless you are insured. Thus, having a reliance insurance is must.

Above are few hot tips which everyone should add to their checklist before they travel solo. Let me know you views by adding more tips in comment section.