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Check these 5 tips before you leave Solo

Whether you are a travel enthusiast or already a wanderer of this mighty earth, some or other important things often missed while preparing for the ultimate trip. Such misses eventually lead to some or other issues which may ruin all the fun.

May I request to pitch in here with some hot tips which can save the day?

  • Travel light is a good idea : You are on solo trip. Common sense says that you are alone. This also implies that no one is there to support you when it comes to handling the packing stuff. Make sure you pack light and carry a backpack with essential items all the time

  • Check the mode of money transactions : Whether you are travelling within country or its a much awaited abroad travel, try to have less cash and rely more on digital transactions. If travelling international, you may wish to inform your bank on international card usage. Most of the banks provide this facility from their internet banking. Apply for a good Forex card, which can save you some transaction fees during your stay in destination country

  • Fun stay while you travel : Since you are travelling solo, you may wish to pick the stay which has some fun element. Choose a home stay, or a hostel. These places have good arrangement which may cost you much less than a hotel. Stay exchange programs are trending these days. You may wish to explore that as well.

  • A good camera phone : A good camera phone can be your life saver. Stunning photos along with right apps which gives you more flexibility is much needed especially when you are travelling solo. I used google translator while was in Taiwan and it makes my life much easier in terms of understanding local language and communicating with local friends.

  • Take insurance : Taking insurance is always a good idea. Within India, it may not add more value but certainly during emergency, Insurance can be your guarding angel. On the other hand, there are countries, wherein Hospitals does not provide services until and unless you are insured. Thus, having a reliance insurance is must.

Above are few hot tips which everyone should add to their checklist before they travel solo. Let me know you views by adding more tips in comment section.

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Clean PC with ease

Do you come across a situation wherein you are out of space in your PC/machine ? You wonder that your PC does not have many applications and your favorite machine has way less free space than what you anticipate. If Yes, then you are at right place and about to read right article.

Before providing solution to the problem, let's understand why this happens at the first place. Any application or tool create temp file each time it is been used. These temp files get stored in Temp folder under Windows/System folder. Till the time you don't remove it manually, it remains there and eats up the space.

Internet is a huge source of information but every time you browse, the webpage create temporary internet files in you C drive. These files consume lots of MB's in your PC.

For every activity you perform on your machine, unknowingly you create unwanted files.

Question is, Do you need to perform cleaning task every time and will it be manual? Here is the good news, by using below code in notepad, this manual process will be an automatic junk cleaner process. Do not forget to subscribe to my blog and get such Tips and Tricks directly in your inbox.

Below are the steps to do :

Step 1 : Open Notepad

Step 2 : Copy and Paste below code in Notepad

REM Cleanup files for Windows 7
REM Cleanup cookies for current user
del "%USERPROFILE%"cookies*.txt
REM Cleanup temp directory for current user
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%"locals~1temp*
rmdir /s /q "%USERPROFILE%"locals~1temp
mkdir "%USERPROFILE%"locals~1Temp
REM Cleanup temporary internet file directories for current user
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%"locals~1tempor~1*
del /s /f /q /a:s "%USERPROFILE%"locals~1tempor~1*
del /s /f /q /a:h "%USERPROFILE%"locals~1tempor~1*
del /s /f /q /a:r "%USERPROFILE%"locals~1tempor~1*
rmdir /s /q "%USERPROFILE%"locals~1tempor~1
REM Cleanup history for current user
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%"locals~1history*
REM Cleanup Windows prefetch
del /s /f /q "%SystemRoot%"prefetch*
REM Cleanup Windows minidump
del /s /f /q "%SystemRoot%"Minidump*
REM Cleanup Windows temp
del /s /f /q "%SystemRoot%"temp*
rmdir /s /q "%SystemRoot%"temp
mkdir "%SystemRoot%"Temp
REM Cleanup recent shortcuts for current user
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%"recent*
REM Cleanup environment varable set temp storage
del /s /f /q "%TEMP%"
REM Cleanup environment varable set tmp storage
del /s /f /q "%TMP%"
REM Cleanup c:temp
del /s /f /q c:temp*
rmdir /s /q c:temp
mkdir c:Temp
REM Cleanup Recycle Bin storage areas
del /s /f /q c:Recycled*
del /s /f /q c:Recycler*

Step 3 : Save this file as Clean.bat and place on your desktop.

Step 4 : Pin this file to Startup folder in program section (can avoid this step)

Step 5 : You are all set done. Clean.bat file once double clicked will open a program which will clean your temp files automatically. Every time, you open your PC, double click the file and the work is done.

Clean Junk batch










I hope, the above article helps you in cleaning your machine with ease. Share your views in comments. Do subscribe to my blog for all such Tips & Tricks.

Blog Tips and Tricks

3 Awesome ways to master Excel for Beginners

In this blog, I am going to share “3 awesome ways to master Excel for beginners”. My previous blog in Tips and Tricks section, I shared macro to unlock password protected excel sheet. It’s time now to share some more. Use it and see your sheet working for you without any flaws.

#1 Merge cells using this simple VB Code

Merging Cells in Excel has no shortcuts. But as it said, this is Excel and you can probably achieve everything here. Go ahead and try this macro to merge your selected cells

Sub MergeCells1()
End Sub

Assign the created macro to a keyboard shortcut and get set to go.

But if wish to merge cells and align it to centre, here you go.

Sub MergeCells2()
With Selection
.HorizontalAlignment = xlCenter
End With
End Sub

# Delete undesired Web objects from Copy and paste Excel

Copying content from Web and using it in excel comes with a pain in the form of check-boxes, pictures, logos etc. We do not want that, right. Use the below hack to get rid of such obstacles.

• Hit F5 and Excel will display the “Go To” dialog box
• Click “Special” button.
• Select the Objects option
• Click OK.

This will select a number of the objects in the worksheet. Press the Delete key and you are done.

Since I am obsessed with Macro, I would not leave you here. Go ahead and use below macro and be an expert.

Sub DeleteAllShapes()
Dim shp As Shape
For Each shp In ActiveSheet.Shapes
End Sub

# Remove long trailing space in an excel sheet – Space Prefix

We all download data from software’s. Till the time we don’t use any formula and we need number in text format, we are absolutely good to go. Problem is when we try to use formula and we need numbers. Suddenly, we realize there is a trailing space before the number within the same cell. For 10 or 20 cells, we can do it manually. What if data is more than 1000 in number?

No need to say thanks to me. I am here to help. Use the below macro to solve your problem

• Hit Alt+F11
• Go to Insert and Insert Module
• Paste below Macro

Sub NoSpaces()
Dim c As Range
For Each c In Selection.Cells
c = Trim(c)
End Sub

• Click Save
• Close VB
• Hit Alt+F8
• Click Run

All spaces are removed. Enjoy 🙂

Let me know in comment section if this helped you in solving the problem you might be facing.