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5 Effective ways to get rid of Negative thoughts

We all know to stay away from negativity. I am sure you try hard to do so as well. But is it the right approach to deal with negativity?

How do you know that someone else’s negativity is not getting into you slowly. For that matter, how do you know that you are not thinking negative.

The question is,”what is the root cause which cause our mind to think negative” ? or is it the mind mapping which cause us to be negative ?

To find the answer, I read many books and several blogs. There are several opinions around it. For me the closest is “I”. It is “I” who is the problem.

When I am not able to control a situation or when an issue is out of my control against which I tend to surrender, I become Negative.

In more simpler words, we be negative because we are not in capacity to control someone or to control a situation. Let’s understand this one simplest example – Let’s say you are working with your dream company and you are quite happy as well. But this year you got less %age hike in your pay and thus you tried to approach your manager. He is busy and you don’t have control on his schedule which is at the end leaving your problem unsolved. Slowly you start thinking negative about your manager, which in long run translates into your grown negativity towards your dream organization.

Now when we know the root cause, how can we get rid of it. It’s a mind game and hence it a psychology. One try to deal with as soon as he/she can. I can share the 5 effective ways which I apply to get rid of Negativity. Feel free to add yours in comment section. It may help others to deal with their situation.

Talk it out

Be extrovert for a moment and let your thoughts come out. This will help you. End of the day we all know that “Sharing is Caring

Writing Therapy

Write whatever is in your mind on a piece of paper before you sleep. As soon as you write, you will feel something coming out of your mind.  That’s the hidden anger and you are letting it go by writing it. Let it be beside your pillow overnight. Read the paper again in morning and then tear the paper. Burn it or Flush it should be the next step.

Forgive and Forget –

The simplest way to get rid or negativity is Forget. If you can’t forget then start forgiving.

Listen your favorite songs but follow a pattern –

Start with the songs which has high beats but the one you like. Slowly switch to soothing songs. No to sad songs. Remember you are trying to flush out negativity.

Reach out to neighborhood and help people who might need you –

Human mind is tuned to forget bad moments as soon as you think to help. Helping children, Serving in shelter homes, reaching out to the people who need you, are the best ways to keep yourself busy and get rid of negativity.

Everyone has their own share of thought process which they develop in due course of time. Some earn it from hard times and some from seeing others. Hope above will help you in some ways some day. Good Luck !

Awareness motivational stories Blog

Personality Development – Be better every day

Personality eventually changes into Aura. One should always strive to develop personality. Apparently most of us, don’t know, Where to start, What and How to move forward? Here are some tips which can help you in personality development.

Start with Believing in SmileS –

cropped-smile - personality development

S – 1 mile – S: A mile distance can be covered with SmileS. Break-up of words in our own language sometime gives insight to the actual meaning. Personality cannot be developed in a day. Regular practice with self cultural change can bring drastic and fruitful change in long run.

Allow yourself being an Optimist –

An Optimist is one who carries positive attitude. A positive personality is always recognized and admired by people. To be an Optimist, one has to be a solution provider. Remember that there are many who can create problems or put problems across. However, the Solution Provider and an Optimist are very few out there. Try to be a part of Optimist Community.

Understand difference between Confidence and Over Confidence and apply it –

‘I can do it’ is an example of Confidence. ‘Only, I can do it’ is considered to be Over Confidence.

I recommend avoiding ‘Only’ attribute in your accomplishments. This trait of human nature brings self possessed attitude and if not succeed then sudden drop in overall persona. It’s always good to think that you are capable of doing or completing a task, however it is advisable that learn from others too. There are many who may deliver the task better than you. Your speed of Personality Development process depends on your acceptance, understanding and applying this fact in your life as early as you can.

Avoid being a part of Chinese Whisper –


Chinese Whisper can be a game in which a message is passed on, in a whisper, by each of a number of people, so that the final version of the message is often radically changed from the original. This is ok till the time taken as a game. Anything more that is considered to be negative and attract negative perception resulting diminished Personality.

Listen to them first –

Be an active and patient Listener. This helps in getting to the solution. Also, it is an amazing art of putting your thoughts across. You can explain things better if you listen first. People share their thoughts openly if you are a good listener which helps in building good perception in their minds in no time.

It’s time to say good bye to your EGO –

EGO is considered to be good till the time it is not damaging emotions of others. It has often observed that people with high ego state are left alone. For personality development, we recommend you not be alone.

Are you well dressed –

We all have already read and understood this point very well. Many of the times, we have taught to be ‘Well Dressed’. People often take this as dressing sense. Yes, it’s true but not always. Neat and clean attire as per occasion will be a thumbs up. Nowadays, people notice your presence more than anything else.

Be consistent in your Personality –

Remain to be consistent. Try to make few things in routine. Very simple yet effective ways are listed below:

  • Try to stick to your favorite perfume or use similar fragrance – Your body perfume is a very small thing for you however in long run it becomes your Trade Mark.
  • Not too bold not too light – Try to go mild and average. Too bright or too strong attract distraction which is not considered to be a good personality development tool. I am sure you do not want yourself to be stared and unwillingly dragged in a Chinese whisper

Keyword – To be consistent, your follow-up needs to be strong. Keep Pen and Notebook handy always.

Reverse Osmosis Process: Be Pure –

Reverse Osmosis is a process where you de-ionize water by pushing it under pressure through a semi-permeable Reverse Osmosis Membrane. This principal of physics can be very fruitful if applied in life cycle. Going under pressure and attitude to learn new attributes make you Pure with every event. People love those who have learnt to be strong and yet ready to mild as per situation.

Adaptability is the Key word. Personality development is a process which takes time