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Dangal a never ending fight within us

Let’s start this article with a question note. And the question is, “Have you seen Dangal by now?” If no, this movie is a must watch. The movie Dangal is a true story of Indian Wrestler ‘Mahavir Singh Phogat’ and his daughters ‘Geeta Phogat’ and ‘Babita Phogat’. The story you will get to know once you watch Dangal.

This article is not a movie review. This journal is an attempt to understand certain human behaviors which Director Nitesh Tiwari has pictured beautifully.

I am not promoting Dangal and not have any intention to encourage you to watch Dangal either. That’s your choice. I have seen Dangal and would like to share some behavioral aspects which I observed. Here I am going to voice it loud. Sit back, relax and enjoy reading this article. If you enjoyed reading it, comment your views in comment section at the end of this blog and share using social media icons listed at the end.

The whole movie is a narration and a story telling which brings audience attention instantly. We as people tend to enjoy more by listening. Probably, out of all senses our sense to hear the voices has an amazing ability. Almost 90% of the communication happens because you are able to hear or listen. Hearing is an awesome tool to developpersonality as well.

The movie Dangal is a story of ego sharing and is a perfect example of Ego Switching from one character to other. Learn Transaction Analysis and then watch this movie. You are going to see altogether a new version of Dangal then.

The summary of Dangal goes like this. Amir Khan as Mahavir Singh Phogat is an India wrestler and a National player. To take care of his family, he left wrestling and started working as a government servant. A gold medal for India in world wrestling was his dream. His ambition of gold medal which he assumed that a boy only can bring, he ended up having four daughters. He was shattered until the day; he found out that his daughters Geeta and Babita are strong enough to knock down two boys from his neighbor. Amir realized that his girls are no less than boys and decided to train his daughters the art of wrestling. Movie takes a turn when his elder daughter became the national champion and joined National Sports Academy. Geeta’s lost focus. As a result, she lost her first world wrestling event. In between a beautiful ego clash drama is filmed between Amir Khan and his elder daughter Geeta. Babita made Geeta understand the roots. Geeta then managed to bring Gold medal for India in Common wealth Games year 2010 in 55 Kg women wrestling group.

Mahavir Singh Phogat and Geeta:

An interesting human ego state study when both father and daughter went into an argument and fight. The change of coach and his daughter’s easy acceptance to it, was troubling him from inside. This is a perfect example of belongingness.

Mahavir Singh Phogat and His Wife:

A submissive nature bringing trust in relation where social obligations are challenged. Dangal is a story of Social obligations and how it was challenged. The courage to stand against social beliefs comes from the trust two people develop in due course of time.

Geeta and Babita:

The two sisters grown under same parenthood but had their own prospective to see the world outside. This is how we all develop our own personality and identity.

The Social Surrounding:

We all grow up in a social environment and we follow the rules. We are social animals. When you challenge certain rules it is not always necessary to be loud. Action speaks better than the words. You do it, you achieve it and then the society accepts you. You will face criticism and how you tackle the scenario.

Dangal is not a movie. It is a Dangal within us. Dangal is all about never ending fight.

By the way, I am still looking for an answer and do let me know if you have the one, “What happen to the coach after common wealth games. Is he still in NSA (National Sports Academy)”.

Awareness motivational stories Blog Random Blogs

Salary: From Happiness to Unconsciousness

Are you a salaried person? If yes, this post may bring smile on your face. This post is about how salary changes our lives. How does a month get divided into never ending truth of life?  The moment we realize it, we gets more close to our prospective of living our life.

Salary is turning our life into a wheel which rotates every time it gets a push.

Let’s see how:

Hafta-E-Madhosh –

This can also be known as Week of Happiness.  This is usually the first week after you got your salary. You are happy and you have your month planned. You are going to pay your bills happily. No regret with anyone. You are planning vacations and looking for the good deals already. Nutshell, you are enjoying the moment.

Haftaa-E-Josh –

This week is the Week of Fanaticism. Thy have paid all the bills by now and still you have portion of your salary left to spend. You are out for vacation and you call it the most desired vacation. You are full of enthusiasm and ready to buy the whole world.

Hafta-E-Khamosh –

Also, known as Week of Silence. This is the week when you have little salary left in your account. Now, you know that you still have to manage the entire month, you spend less. Outings, Partying, Clubbing etc are almost banned. You stop yourself from meeting friends and going out for a dinner. Basically, you love silence around you during this week.

Hafta-E-Behosh –

The final week of the month is probably the toughest time. This is the Week of Unconsciousness. You are left with no money in your hand. Instead, you have requested your close friends to lend some. You have promised to return the debt when you will again be happy. You are almost done with all the anxieties and it feels that you are no more awake. This is the time when wait for Hafta-E-Madhosh to return.

It’s a vicious circle and we are stuck into this. This is never ending and yet we enjoy our life. At this moment, I would like to advise not to stop what you are doing. Go ahead and follow your trails. Nobody is going to stop you.

The New Year, A New Day, A New beginning is going to be yours. Make every day countable and enjoy.

Hope this article brought smile on your face. If it does, share your views in comment. Cheers !


Plan Holidays in 2017

2016 is about to end in next 10 days and you must have started preparing to welcome Year 2017. To plan holidays in 2017, you must need to know the days when you can plan holidays. I mean you should know how to club your holidays with your off days in order to make upcoming Holidays an unforgettable events. Let’s look at all the Holidays month by month.

January 2017

It’s sad to see that the first day of 2017 is on Sunday which means one possible Holiday is already been ruined. Never mind, we have a long week end coming in our way in January 2017. 26th Jan, 2017 is India’s Republic Day and it’s a national holiday. The next 28th and 29th are Saturday and Sunday respectively. And you managed to take a day leave from your work on 27th. Here comes the long holiday. Go ahead and grab it.

You can visit hill stations like Manali, Shimla, Kasauli etc. You can see and play with snow. During this time of the year, Himachal hills are covered in snow.  Those who are not willing to visit hill station due to cold weather condition can try Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh tourism.

February 2017

February in 2017 have 28 days to spend. Good news is that the last days of this month is a long week end which can be planned for a short trip. 24th will be celebrated as Maha Shivratri and will certainly be a holiday in most of the offices. 25th and 26th are last days of the week. Go ahead and club these days. Yes, you are all set, your holiday is planned.

Wherever you go, make sure to plan you trip within 400 Km range from where you are situated currently. This will ensure to let you enjoy your planned holiday. Those who are in Delhi NCR, can plan for hill stations like Shimla, Kasauli, Parwanoo, Dehradun, Massoorie, Dhanolti etc. Chandigarh, Amritsar or Jaipur can be a good option as well. Visiting Jim Corbett national park would be a great choice as this is time when tiger spotting is highest in the forest.

March 2017

March in 2017 have two holidays options. Holi on 13th can be clubbed with Saturday and Sunday falling on 11th and 12th respectively. Another comes at the end of March. 28th March is Gudi Parva. If you have this day as holiday as per your HR holiday calendar and if you can afford to take leave on 27th, you are all set for a four days Holiday. 25th and 26th day of this month are Saturday and Sunday.

I would recommend that you take advantage of Holi leaves and visit your hometown. If not hometown, then Mathura is a nearby place from Delhi where you can visit. Holi in Mathura is a real experience to gain. The other holiday falling in March can be utilized to visit Hill stations of Himachal or Uttrakhand. This is the ideal time for south India tour. You can easily find a 3 night 4 days tour package for Ooty, Coorg, Mangalore etc. Kerala can be a desired destination too.

April 2017

April in 2017 have three holidays in a row. Starting days of the month is Saturday and Sunday followed with Ram Navami on 4th. Take a leave on 3rd of this month and you have 4 days in your hand for an awesome holiday. 13th April is Vaishakhi Festival and many offices are open. However if you are lucky and you have this day as Holiday, you are all set for another holiday. 14th is Good Friday followed with Saturday and Sunday. A long weekend is at the end of month which can be clubbed withLabour Day i.e. May 1st.

Like March, April has the same recommended places to visit. Madhya Pradesh can be a good option too. Visit Uttrakhand for enchanting beauty. Rishikesh gets open for River Rafting and camping. You may also try foreign locations like Mauritius or Maldives.

June 2017

June in 2017 has only one holiday option. 26th is Ramazan Eid after 24th and 25th weekend days. I would advise to stay at home and save money for upcoming holidays in August.

August 2017

August in 2017 can be declared as Holiday month of the year. Starting from 12th day of this month till 20th day of this month can be enjoyed as grand holiday.  15th is India’s Independence day right after 14th which is Janmashtami. 17th is Parsi New Year and may not be a HR declared holiday for you. If that is the case take 3 days leave from 16th to 18th and you have 9 days grand holiday. If you are planning these days for holiday, the last days of August which is a long week end can be spared. 25th is Ganesh Chaturthi. Right after is the weekends 26th and 27th.

So, 12th August to 20th August is planned, right. This is the best time to visit Leh-Laddakh. If you do so, I can vouch for a memorable trip of the year. Book the flight, Hotel, Car etc right now. Leh in August attract too much crowd. Those who are not lucky enough to this long holiday can visit Mathura and enjoy Janmashtami celebration. Visit Mathura, go to Bake Bihari Temple. Enjoy colourful celebration of Krishna Janmashtami at Janambhumi. You have many options there to make your Mathura visit memorable. From Delhi, Mathura is 2 to 3 hours’ drive and is an easy gateway. On 15th visit Tajmahal and return to Delhi the same day. Those who are from Southern part of India can plan for Coorg, Rameshwaram and Kerala. Check weather warning though before you plan your travel.

For last weekend if you are not going to stay at home, visit Mumbai and see Ganesh Chaturthi there. Weekend after Ganesh Chaturthi can be enjoyed at Lonawala, Khandala or Mateharan. This part of year brings heavy rain in Mumbai and nearby areas. Henceforth, pack your cloths accordingly.

October 2017

Another Holiday month. 2nd of October is National Holiday right after weekend, 30th September and 1st October. From 14th of this month till 22nd of this month are days with all popular festivals of India falling in same week. 16th will be Dhanteras, 18th will be Diwali and 20th will be Bhai Dooj. Take leave on 17th and 19th and visit your hometown if you are staying far from your family members. Diwali being the most auspicious festive for Indians, you are advised to dedicate this month for your Family.

If you are still willing to go out and wanted to plan your travel, visit North east India. Right after the rains, the hills in seven sisters are nostalgic to experience. Goa can also be an amazing options during this time of the year.

December 2017

December 2017 is the month to recollect all your memories of the year. This month leaves no chance to bring all your memories back. Eid-E-Milad is on 1st of December. That makes a long weekend. 23rd, 24th and 25th day of December bring another long week end for Christmas celebration.

This time of year is absolutely yours and hence no recommendations. Enjoy like you want. Memories are yours and there should not be any compromise enjoying it to the fullest.

So, you have planned your leaves. Did you say, no! Go and plan your holidays. Year 2017 may bring lots of travel experience and happiness to your life. Do share your views in comment Section.

Happy New Year 2017.

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In search of snowfall – Rohtang Pas

Final Chapter

The whole night I dreamed about Rohtang Pas, snow and snowfall. That eventually caused early rise. I woke up very early. It was the first day of 2012. Jan 1st, 2012. I can feel the cold temperature outside even from inside the room. I ordered tea for all and waited for others to wake up.

Mukul woke up followed with Vinay and then Swapan. Mukul crawled out of bed and opened the door. Icy wind passed through us and hit the corner of the wall. In few seconds, our hotel room was cold and all the warmth which we have gathered the whole night was gone. I quickly get out of bed and ran to close the door. Before I could close the door, something caught my attention and I stood still.

The giant mountain covered on white snow was in front of me. I could barely see the snow peaks due to dense fog. But the glimpse of snow filled me with excitement. Guys! Come here, I shouted. Mukul, Swapan and Vinay came out of the room. We all stood still for few minutes and lost in the beauty of mountain.

Mountains are like a wonderful landscape which God has painted on empty canvas. There are no defined dimensions when you see mountains/hills for the first time. Everything around seems to be defined on two axis only.

I started seeing around and a frozen water droplets hanging from the room window shade caught my view. We have never seen such charismatic and natural phenomenon before. It filled us with even more excitement and curiosity. Soon after, the house keeping staff was walking towards us with the tea.

By 6:00 AM, we were inside the cab which was assigned to take us to the snow peak- Rohtang Pas.

From Mall road, Manali to Rohtang Pas is 52 Km and is a 2 hours’ drive. Rohtang La is the first mountain peak on Manali Leh highway. I have been to Leh Ladakh driving through Manali-Leh highway which can you read in my other blog. For now, I will concentrate on Rohtang Pas only.

Along the route we saw beauty of Himachal. It was my first chance when I was seeing Snow Peak Mountains, the lord of hills, Himalayas. We rented some woollen clothes, rubber gloves and ice boots from new Manali. We left Solang Valley while crossing Gulaba and reached Marhi. From Palchan, if you take left turn, you will be in Solang valley. Right turn will lead to Marhi and then Rohtang La.

Marhi is a very small town in Himachal Pradesh and had many options to eat. Back then, and during December you could find nothing but few Maggie points and tea stalls.

The cab driver dropped us few 100 meters before Marhi and advised us to walk towards the valley. He suggested that the road towards Rohtang is closed due to heavy snowfall last night. We were little disappointed but the amount of snow in Marhi was way enough for us to play.

We saw frozen Baes river and people were skiing on the frozen river. You won’t believe the fact that is the same river which becomes almighty after a few kilometre run. At that particular moment, it was tiny and we human were playing on top of it.

Frozen Baes River Rohtang pas njdiaries

We had breakfast at famous Baes Dhaba in Marhi and clicked some photographs. While we were relaxing on the once of the ice bergs, a man, must be around 35 years of age approached us. He said, he could take us to top of the Rohtang but he would take 6000 INR from Marhi to Rohtang. We can play on fresh snow and enjoy a lot for unlimited time, he added. We wanted to experience fresh snow and hence we agreed.

He took us in a 4 by 4 car. Mukul, Vinay and I grabbed the space at the back which was open. Swapan sat along with driver. Next 15-20 minutes’ drive was breath taking which I explored more during my Leh-Ladakh bike ride. We reached Rohtang Pas and that was all we needed at that moment.

Rohtang Pas also called as Rohtan La is at 13050 feet altitude. The Border road organization ensures to get the road up and running for tourist during season under Project Deepak. It is the first gateway which you cross when you drive on Manali Leh Highway towards Keylong and way forward.

The first day of Year 2012 was worth all the pain we had during our trip. We were alone up there and it seemed that the hills belong to us. No hesitation, no anger, no pain. That was all about experience which we were going to carry for the rest of our lives.

No matter how many times you visit the same place, the first visit has its own memory.

We stayed at Rohtang La for 2 hour or so and then driver warned us to get ready to go back. Weather is changing, he added. We argued and he said, please hurry, we need to leave. It is going to snow badly and then we all will be stuck. He said and as if we were waiting for someone to utter snowfall. We deliberately delayed and waited for snow to fall.

In mountain, weather can change in a jiffy. If you ever stuck in snowfall, it is advisable that you keep walking.

I felt few snowflakes flying and falling onto my shoulder. That was all I wanted on the first day of a Year. And then, it was heavy. We ran inside the Car and Driver took us back to Marhi. We spent couple of more hours at Marhi and then back to hotel.

The same very night we drove back to Delhi in order to join office the next day. It was a journey worth remembering. I hope you liked the trip and my first experience of seeing snowfall. Few of the Pics are added here in case you would like to see – Click here.

Please let me know about your views or any such experience in comment section. I would love to hear from you..

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In search of Snowfall – Shimla to Manali

Chapter 2

We checked out of hotel. We were refreshed and continued towards Manali. That was ofcourse in search of Snowfall. I would like to take an opportunity here to remind readers that the journey started from Gurgaon. Our expectation to see Snowfall in Shimla didn’t go well. Henceforth, we were heading towards Manali.

Shimla to Manali is a 7 hours journey in hills via NH205, NH 154 and NH3. In total you are supposed to cover more than 250 km. After Ghaghas, you need to take a right turn towards NH 154 (Delhi Manali highway). Though it’s a 7 hours journey, be prepared to drive at least for 10 hours.

Due to sharp turn in hills and fog in winter, it is advisable to go slow and reach your destination first.

On NH 154, we crossed Barmana. Swapan stopped the car on a bridge over Satluj River. At first we assumed Satluj River as the Baes River and we are closed to Manali. Soon we realized that Manali is still 5 hours’ drive. Swapan already have driven for more than 4 hours now and hence we decided to take a break for lunch somewhere near Sundernagar.

An extra hour drives in the hills and we were at Sundernagar. We had lunch and stretched our legs in order to get some rest. Clock was ticking at 4:00 PM when we crossed Ner-Chowk. We took a right turn from Ner-Chowk towards Manali and accelerated the car to reach Mandi in next one hour. It took us an hour and half to reach Mandi. We had a quick tea break.

While in Mandi, the air was much colder. It was dry wind which gave a clear sign of snow presence in Manali. We saw Baes River. Very calm and moving slowly down the hill. You cannot see Baes River so silent during summers.

From Mandi, the Baes will follow you up till Manali. The next major stop was Bhuntar from where we are required to take a slight left towards Bhuntar Kully Road. Turning to the right would take you to Manikaran. After Bhuntar, there is no more turn to take and you are needed to follow the road. Few major stops before reaching Manali are Kullu, Biasar, Bandrol and Duwara. You would prefer to stop at Kullu for some refreshment however we drove straight and reached 13 km before Manali. We saw our mobile and the time was clocking 8:00 PM. We were hungry.

It is a hotel, Vinay said. We saw nothing but the pitch dark. Our other senses can feel the bone chilling wind, can hear the roaring sound of Baes river and can see certain portion of road courtesy to our Car headlight. Soon we saw a small house alongside the road. It says, Dinner is available. We stopped again for dinner.

While having Dinner, I was observing the family serving us. It was a small family consist of two elders and one child. We were the only guest and hence there cent percent concentration was on us. I could see there overwhelming attitude. They were humble and extremely polity. In an urge to serve us in the best manner they could. We ordered Rice, Tawa Bread and Chicken. I must quote here that the dinner was the best dinner I had so far. I’ve visited Manali many times and could not locate that home ever again.

Finally, we were in Manali. I saw my mobile again. Time was 9:30 PM. I was too tired to walk even then I was anxious and wanted to see snow desperately. Across the road side of Mall road in Manali, I saw small ice bergs melting its way down to meet the almighty Baes. I got some hope. We booked a hotel near Mall road. To our surprise, Manali hotel was 1500 INR only for 24 hours that too breakfast inclusive. This was the time when I fall in love with this place.

Where can we find snow, Mukul asked the hotel staff. We stared the boy for answers. His name was Raju. Temperature must be in negative outside and Raju was comfortable wearing a Jean and Sweater. He must be local and habitual of the extreme cold weather of Manali. Saahab ji, go to Rohtang Pass early morning. You would be able to see snow all around and if you got lucky you can see snowfall as well. Take a cab from outside, he added.

His answer was honest. We asked hotel manager to book a cab for us for Rohtang Pas for next morning. He took 5000/- for up and down journey and cab was booked.

31st night and everyone else were enjoying the New Year Eve. We four went to bed with a dream to see snow the next day. Rohtang La was waiting for us…

Final Chapter

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In search of Snowfall – Himachal mountains

Chapter 1

It was my dream to experience snowflake dwindling from sky. In fact, you all must have dreamed about it or you must have thought to visit mountains and see a live snowfall. We all know that snow is composed of tiny ice particles and usually get formed in a constant weather and low pressure areas. Trust me that above is just a definition.

Seeing snowfall live is magnificent and one should never let any chance left to feel the sensation of it.

Our journey started with one and only goal to see live snowfall. Back then, I was working with Canon and had never experienced the snowfall. Like I said, it was my dream. Though I dream of many places to visit like spending few days near sea, live in mountains to see heavy rain pouring on to the ground etc. Thankfully, I am lucky enough that I have visited such places by now. I will keep on sharing articles of my journey so that you can be benefited if you plan to visit.

Back to the point, I was intended to see snowfall with my naked eyes. I was determined and my decision was firm like ice. I said, Ice because I had planned to go to the mountains many time before and every time my plan melted like ice. This time, I was serious and Yes, I was damn serious.

Year 2011, Dec 30th. I reached office, had a round on floor. While I was checking emails, I saw snowfall in Shimla. I scrolled up and it was a flash showing forecasted weather in Shimla. A tentative warning of snowfall was flashing on the screen. I jumped from my chair and immediately planned my trip for Shimla via Chandigarh. Kasauli was in my list and dropped it immediately. I wanted to enjoy more, seeing live snowfall. Finally, I managed to convince some of my colleagues who were Vinay Bagga from Quality, Mukul Sharma from Foreign language support and Swapan Chaturvedi from Training. Swapan agreed to bring his Maruti Alto and that’s all. We were all set ready for a trip to Shimla.

Post office hours, we started for Shimla. Canon office was located in DLF building no 5, Cyber City, Phase 3, Gurugram (earlier known as Gurgaon). Rapid metro work was in full swing because of which entire Sikandarpur road and the circle towards NH48 was completely jammed pack. Nonetheless, we started. There is a gas station near Building 5. We filled the car fuel tank and continued. It took us more than an hour to cross Gurgaon toll road.  After that another one hour to cross Mukarba Chaowk.

Delhi to Shimla is 343 km and takes 7 hours of car drive. Various mode of transportation are available. One can book direct Volvo or catch train to nearest station Kalka. From Kalka local transportation is easily available. Kalka Shimla Railway, constructed in 1906 can also be used to reach Shimla.

Shimla is capital of Himachal Pradesh and it has an altitude of approx. 2200 meters (7230 ft). It’s a hill station built on top of seven different hills namely; Inverarm Hill, Observatory Hill, Prospect Hill, Summer Hill, Bantony Hill, Elysium Hill and Jakhoo Hill. The highest point in Shimla is the Jakhoo hill, which is at a height of 2,454 metres (8,051 ft).

We reached Parwanoo by 2:00 AM in the morning. It was chilly winter and we needed a warm Tea desperately. We crossed Parwanoo and entered into hills. After a drive of 30 minutes, we spotted a tea stall and stopped our car.

The tea stall was at elevation. We parked our car. We walked towards the stall. I observed it must be a very old stall but definitely not a tea stall. It must be converted into a tea stall. One possible reason could be losses in previous business. Anyhow, we had our tea, paid the money and walked back to our car.

In next 2 hours we were at Shimla. Rest everyone was searching for hotel to sleep, I was looking for traces of Ice and snow. I could not find any and thus consoled my heart to wait till morning. We booked one room in a cheap hotel and went to bed immediately. By the way, it was not a cheap hotel, we paid 4000 INR for 24 hours back in 2011.

The next day sun was shining in the sky. I woke up and came out of hotel. I thought atleast now I can see some snow. To my utter disappointment, I saw nothing. No forest, no greenery, no snow. It was all stones and dirt of city. Back in time, Shimla was known for its surrounding forest of Pine, Deodar, Oak and Rhododendron tree. In year 2011, I saw nothing and my excitement and impression was all shattered to dust.

Swapan, Vinay and Mukul were equally disappointed. We came back to our room and thought not to stop. It was 31st Dec and we had planned to see snowfall. Swapan suggested that we can immediately leave for Manali. He said he could be able to drive and we should be reaching Manali by evening. We didn’t have to think twice and the very next moment we were checking out of the hotel.

I will take a hold here. Let me know your excitement for next chapter. Keep reading and Share your views..

Next Chapter

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Mind mapping – Transactional Analysis by Eric Berne

There are multiple theories which can help you in understanding human psychology and behaviour. Transactional Analysis by Eric Berne is one of them.

Unlike Edward de Bono’s Six Hat Theory which describes individual thinking involving six coloured hats, Eric Berne’s Transactional analysis focuses on behaviour and shift in personality of a person.

In the 50’s Eric Berne began to develop transactional analysis theories in which he defined Transaction Stimulus Response and Respondent very clearly. As per him, when two people meet each other, one of them will start the conversation which is called Transaction Stimulus. Transaction Response is the reaction to the conversation.

The person sending the Stimulus is called the Agent. The person who responds is called the Respondent.

Berne’s theory moves around three alter ego states called as Parent, Adult and Child often called as PAC. In Berne’s language, the conversation between two people can start from any ego state and the psychological behaviour may change very frequently from one ego state to another.  To help this understand better, let’s look at the characteristics of these ego states in brief.

Parent Ego State (exteropsyche)

Physical – angry or impatient body-language and expressions, finger-pointing, patronising gestures,

Verbal – always, never, for once and for all, judgmental words, critical words, patronising language, posturing language.

This is a set of feelings, thinking and behaviour that we have copied from our parents and significant others.

This is a state in which people behave, feel, and think in response to an unconscious mimicking of how their parents (or other parental figures) acted, or how they interpreted their parent’s actions. For example, a person may shout at someone out of frustration because they learned from an influential figure in childhood the lesson that this seemed to be a way of relating that worked.

Adult Ego state (neopsyche)

Physical – attentive, interested, straight-forward, tilted head, non-threatening and non-threatened.

Verbal – why, what, how, who, where and when, how much, in what way, comparative expressions, reasoned statements, true, false, probably, possibly, I think, I realise, I see, I believe, in my opinion.

The Adult ego state is about direct responses to the here and now. When in our Adult we are able to see people as they are, rather than what we project onto them.

This is a state of the ego which is most like artificially intelligent system processing information and making predictions about major emotions that could affect its operation. Learning to strengthen the Adult is a goal of TA. A person in Adult ego state advocates an objective appraisal of reality.

Child Ego state (archaeopsyche)

Physical – emotionally sad expressions, despair, temper tantrums, whining voice, rolling eyes, shrugging shoulders, teasing and delight, laughter, speaking behind hand, raising hand to speak, squirming and giggling.

Verbal – baby talk, I wish, I don’t know, I want, I’m going, I don’t care, oh no, not again, things never go right for me, worst day of my life, bigger, biggest, best, many superlatives, words to impress.

The Child ego state is a set of behaviours, thoughts and feelings which are replayed from our own childhood.

This is a state in which people behave, feel, and think similarly to how they did in childhood. For example, a person who receives a poor evaluation at work may respond by looking at the floor, as when scolded as a child. Conversely, a person who receives a good evaluation may respond with a broad smile and a joyful gesture of thanks. The Child is the source of emotions, creation, recreation, spontaneity, and intimacy.

There are many articles available online which you can refer. You can achieve effective communication level once you apply Transactional analysis technique in your life.

For easy reference, below are certain references which can read. Drafted very well and used easy language.


I wish all my readers a great success. Post your views in comment section to let me know how did you like this article.

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Excitement became Adventure – Dhanolti

Dhanolti; January, 2013:

While you work in corporate, taking few days leaves for a bike trip is very hard to plan. It requires a lots of effort to reach out to you supervisor and get the leaves sanctioned. In that situation, you always look forward to combine weekends with a holiday which is coming on your way and you are entitled to avail. We did the same. I along with few of my colleagues planned for a bike trip to Dhanolti. Unlike Kasauli, this is going to be a tough trip, for sure.

Plan was to kick start our bikes on Saturday night, the 25th night of Jan and come back by Jan 27th. Dinner break, tea break and little rest on the way to Massoorie. Itinerary was quite flat, overnight drive to Massoorie via Roorkee on Friday night. Decide which hotel to check in. Take rest for few hours, Local sight-seeing on 26th. Overnight stay in hotel at Massoorie and next day drive to Dhanolti, sight-seeing and before early hours of evening cross hills and reach Dehradun so that by nightfall we could be in plains. Drive back to Delhi and join office the next day.

Though the plan was quite simple, we never thought that a wrong turn would change our entire trip into an adventure trip resulting into a more than 32 hours of non-stop biking followed with 4 hours of restless sleep.

Back then, I was working with iEnergizer as Manager. Abhishek Gaur, Harpreet Singh, Aman Sharma were my team mates who joined the trip along with. We decided to drive our respective bikes except Harpreet. Harpreet decided to share the ride with me.

25th Night – Way to Dhanolti

We met at Sitaram tea stall. Those who are from Noida and are working near Sector 60 must be aware of this Sitaram Tea Stall. It was our preferred and much needed hangout before and after office hours as we used to bitch a lot about our bosses there. Not only ours, it was in demand by HCL, ABP News, Tech Mahindra and rest other offices in Sector 60, Noida.

After finishing Maggie and tea, we started as per our plan. So far so good. In no time we turned left for GT Road and after few kilometres we took 2nd exit to NH34. After 17km drive, we followed the road merging into NH 334. Now we were heading straight towards Roorkee.

Dhanolti is hill station in Uttrakhand. It is 325 km (202 mi) from Delhi, an 8-9 hrs drive away. The nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport 82 km (51 mi) away, near Dehradun, and nearest railway head is at Dehradun, 66 km (41 mi) away. At an altitude of 2286m, this place is known for its quiet environs amidst the alpine forests of Deodar, Rhododendron and Oak.

We drove the entire night and reached Haridwar by around 3:00 AM in the morning. It was bone chilling cold and dense fog due to Ganges River. We saw a tea stall at the roadside and we stopped. The main reason was not the tea stall but the bonfire which made us stop for a while. We had tea and don’t know what happened Gaur took out a Bluetooth speaker from his back pack and played some awesome Punjabi Songs. Everybody started dancing right on the road side. All of a sudden, the environment was warm and there were excitement cum laughter all around. I resisted at the beginning however joined the team in no time.

It was already 4:00 AM when we continued on road. Aman’s Black Avenger was leading the track followed by my Silver Avenger followed by Abhishek’s Thunderbird. Fog was getting thicker. At one point, it was so dense that I could not even see my hands. On the other hand the local buses and cars are crossing us at their top speed. It was the beginning of our adventure and we were completely unaware of the upcoming events. Somehow, we traced a slow moving truck and followed it till we crossed Haridwar and turned on Dehradun road crossing Rajaji National Park. It was 6:00 AM morning; we left Dehradun behind and drove into the hills.

We follow a monotonous life. Sleep at night and stay awake during the day. We stayed awake and kept on driving that night. It was already more than 24 hours we had a nap. We were desperately in need of sleep.

Hills are usually colder and it was January. You can expect how much cold it would have been then. Our eyes were red and heavy. Early morning rays were pinching our eyes. Black shades and black visor were a kind of relief. We kept on driving and reached a diversion where we saw a sign posting; Turn left for Massoorie and Right for Dhanolti. We stopped; saw each other and the next moment, way towards Massoorie were left behind. We were heading towards Dhanolti now.

A wrong decision + A wrong turn = Adventure Trip ; We understood this after 3 hours of ride from then.

That was an elevated road leading us to the top of the hill when we saw white patches on both sides of the road. OMG! Is that Ice? Oh Yes! That’s the snow. We screamed out of excitement. Hard solid snow must have fallen a week back. The clock was ticking at 9:00 AM and Harpreet asked from one of the heads who crossed us ‘the local people’, Is there a snow fall at Dhanolti? With a smile, the local replied; go forward, you will see plenty of snow. You will love it. He did mention snow but did not mention that the snow is not fresh and is weeks old.

Excitement does wonders; but over excitement does not. We became over excitement as soon as we saw snow.

We drove to another few Km towards Eco-Park and hell yeah! White snow all around. Eco-park was 4 km away on the top of hill. So we have 4 Km white snow patch to cross. Fun filled us with over excitement and we raise the accelerator. Crossed 100 meters in snow and then we took a break. By then, we were no more feeling sleepy, eyes were wide open and we were refreshed as if we just awake. That was the start of excitement, going to turn into adventure and a tiring bike ride which I could not even think of. Bang ! that sound, someone has fallen. He was none other than Mr. Gaur. We all laughed.

People learned from the mistakes they have committed themselves or from someone else’s mistake. We learned from Abhishek’s mistake. Haha – be careful while you are walking on hard snow.

We stayed there for 30 mins played and had lots of fun. Soon we started on our bikes. As soon as I started, my bike slipped and I along with Harpreet was on road, lying flat. No injury but now this was the turn for others to laugh. We stood; lift my bike and drove again. This time I applied break to control bike along with clutch and to my surprise bike was out of control. I was heading towards the valley that too in speed. My face turned red and I was blank. I thought of nothing but to jump from my bike deliberately.

I did so and that was the second instance when I fall. This time no laughter but everybody was scared to death. I was smiling out of fear. That’s weird. I said Harpreet to drive as I was scared and trembling. I announced, “now, it’s Harpreet’s turn to fall. This was to make everyone comfortable. But, the next moment, my both legs were in Air and I was again on road. That was and is the worst plunge ever. This time everyone laughed out loud.

After an hour, we were 1 km away from ECO-Park. That was the time when we had to drag our bikes. No one was driving anymore. We struggled and dragged bikes for a Km and reached on top of the hill. View from the peak was nostalgic and worth all pain. You can actually see the Himalayan snow peak range from the Eco-Park.

Dhanolti peak

ECO-Park is the main attraction of Dhanolti. There are two Eco-parks, “Amber” and “Dhara” about 200 m apart from each other. Both have been developed by the Forest Department of Uttrakhand with the help of local youth. About 60 local youth, both male and females are employed as Guides, Gardeners, Service providers, Ticket Collectors, Information Providers etc. It houses a protected patch of small forest containing Deodar Trees. There is an entry fee of INR 25 for Adults and INR 10 for childrens.

One can also visit Surkanda Devi Temple which is – 8 km (5.0 mi) from Dhanolti, on the road towards Chamba famous for its Ganga Dussehra fair in autumn. It is part of the Devi Darshan triangle, which offers trekking opportunities around Dhanolti – Surkanda Devi, Chandrabadni and Kunjapuri.

A popular sunrise view point is must to visit often known as Aaloo Khet (Potato Farm).

We crossed Eco-Park and for our surprise it was all snow. On the roads, over the hill, on the roof and everywhere. Here the things got more troublesome. From locals we got to know that we were required to cross a patch of another 4 km that too the upward direction. Dragging bikes for another 4 km was not an easy job to do especially when you are tired not slept for more than 32 hours and has not had anything to eat for more than 14 hours. We saw each other and decided to cross the patch first and get the hell out of Ice.

It was already 2:00 PM then. Weather was getting colder and some people said to cross the patch as soon as we can as by evening the snow will become more slippery. We gathered our strength and started dragging our bikes. By 5:00 PM, we were out of snow and could see green forest all around. We took a break, had Maggie and started driving. We all were tired and was not in condition to drive bike any further. Therefore, we mapped our direction to reach Haridwar via Rishikesh. We crossed Chamba, and reached Narendra Nagar. It was 9:00 PM already and had to take rest. We took the only guesthouse on rent, had something to eat and then the next moment we were in our beds.

Next day, we drove back to Delhi and joined office the following day. Now whenever I tried to remember my Dhanolti Trip, I recall only our adventure and excitement. Harpreet, Abhishek and Aman and I are working with different organization now and barely in touch. However, I am sure this blog will bring smile on their faces.

Read also - Leh Paradise

What about you.. Do share your views in comment section ..

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A Walk in Nature – Kasauli

2014, It was early morning and we all were very excited. Why not? We had planned for this trip since long.. I have been traveled almost all north India locations like, Leh-Ladakh, Dhanolti, Shimla, Mussoorrie, Nainital any many others. However, this was a long awaited trip – well deserved, we said. I was the only one who already had visited Kasauli before. That was a group of four boys; Me, my childhood friend Abhishek, my brother Dheeraj, and his friend Lekhraj. Those were the days when I was not married. Anyhow, this is not my story, so let me focus on highlighting the journey towards Kasauli.

In Delhi, the capital of India, it is absolutely up to you to find what you want. We wanted a luxury trip but the expenses less than a low budget trip. So, we searched for every possible way to first reach Kasauli. Searched for buses to Shimla, buses to Kasauli, Train to Kalka etc. but none came out well. Then we thought to drive to Kasauli on our own. For that, we should have the possession of a Car and a driver. Car can be taken on lease from Zoom car or other rental portals, but driver? None of us has the skills to drive. We had to drop this idea as well. We started searching for rented car with AC preferably an XUV so that we all five can fit in well and remain comfortable during the journey. Don’t get confuse readers, four of us and addition of Driver makes us five. The expenses were coming very high. Any XUV was available to us in 14 Rs/Km excluding driver night stay charges and toll taxes.

Here, very important point for all of you to understand is that in Delhi, negotiation works well. The only thing you need to do is talk. Lekhraj, my brother’s friend took this pain and managed to book an Innova in 10 Rs/Km that too a private number. That means toll taxes free. I took the initiative to book good hotel in reasonable price. Online portals with heavy discounts can be your savior. Just go for it.

On the final day, it was 5:00 AM in the morning and the Innova was standing at our door step. We sat and journey began. We were excited so we started singing songs.. Everybody has their own choice of song to sing. This is what we do most of the times. J.

So far, for you to remember out of all the craps above are –

Do the negotiation well for Cars, and trust online portals for Hotel reservation.

Now, clean the slate and move forward ?

You can find many breakfast spot on GT Karnal highway but nothing can compare Murthal. Those who live in Delhi does know about this place. Those who are from outside Delhi, must try this place. It’s a place, can be called as Village with many local restaurants (Dhabas).

We finished the breakfast and continued to Kasauli. From Delhi to Kasauli, it should not take more than 6 hours. By the time we reached Kasauli, the clock was ticking at 11:30 AM. By 12:00 mid-day we were already in our respective rooms.

Kasauli Regency (the hotel) is located in the heart of Kasauli. You will have lots of options for hotels and some are very good and provide soundless DJ to enjoy as well.. Soundless DJ is a concept of enjoying music on the beats of DJ without placing any loud speakers. A Bluetooth headphone will be given to you and you can tune in to any of the channels on which your DJ is playing. Kasauli Regency is one of them. Weather in Kasauli remains at 30 degree Celsius during summers and during winter’s temperature may dip below zero degree. If you are planning your travel during winters, make sure that you have packed you luggage with lots of warm cloths and Jackets. Boots are advised in legs while in Kasauli due to mountain and terrains.

Kasauli is a peaceful place situated at the height of 6110 ft and usually holidayed with a purpose to spend some days outside the hustle and bustle of city. Not much places to visit, but a walk in nature is more than enough if you are really targeting for a quiet days. We had the same very thought of spending some time in the lap of nature.

During evening we took a walk on the mall road. The mall road is an authentic market place with lots of stuff to eat and buy. Every time, I visited Kasauli, I ensured to have Maggie noodles. The best part is that even when Maggie was banned in India, we easily managed to get one from street vendors. It is advisable to roam around the market and do some shopping. Not the window shopping ofcourse.

End of the day, it’s a small town which has their economy run and maintained due to tourism only. Let’s contribute 🙂 .

There is one Pharmacy in the market and two ATMs outside market (towards bus stop). So choose, which way you want to go first. You may find yourself running out of your breathe in mountains and hence keep water bottle handy with you always. You will certainly not fall sick due to AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) but can feel nausea and headache. AMS is more prominent while you are travelling to Leh-Ladakh. Water will help you to flush out all the toxins. There is an old church nearby. Whether you are a believer or a free thinker, you should visit this Church. Photographers can spot good nature views near Sunset point or Manki Point.

After the sun settled at horizon, we came back to hotel. Our trip consists of two days and one night stay only. However, if you have more days with you, you can try more nearby places like, Parwanoo, Shimla etc.

Visiting such places bring peace to you mind and soul thus ensuring that you get more close to the divine nature. Be clear with your purpose of visit and duration of visit.

While coming back to Delhi, we bought some of the good collection of wines which you can find inside or outside Kasauli. These wines are said to be authentic, old and priced reasonable for you to buy.  By the time it was dark, we already have reached our home, relaxing and planning where to go next time.

I hope this brief summary will help you in case you are planning to visit Kasauli. Do share your views in comment section..

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The days When and now – unforgettable days

Those were unforgettable days, Yes,

unforgettable days when

Gulli-danda and kanche (marbles) were more popular than cricket.

We always had friends to play aais-paais (I Spy), chhepan-chhepai and pitthoo anytime …

We desperately waited for ‘Mogli‘ and ‘Donald Duck‘ on Sundays.

Chitrahaar, Vikram-Baitaal, Dada Daadi ki kahaniyaan were so fulfilling…

There was just one TV in every five houses and

Bisleris were not sold in the trains and we were worrying if Papa will get back into the train in time or not when they were getting down at stations to fill up the water bottle.

We were going to bed by 9.00pm sharp except for the ‘yeh jo hai jindagi’ day …

Holis & Diwalis meant mostly hand-made pakwaans and sweets and moms seeking our help while preparing them

Maths teachers were not worried of our Mummy and Papa while slapping/beating us …

We were exchanging comics and stamps and Chacha Chaudhary and Billoo were our heroes …

We were in nanihaals every summer and loved flying kites and plucking and eating unripe mangoes and leechis …

One movie every Sunday evening on television was more than asked for and ‘ek do teen chaar’ and ‘Rajni’ inspired us …

50 paisa meant at least 10 toffees …

Left over pages of the last years notebooks were used for rough work or even fair work …

Chelpark‘ and ‘Natraaj’ were encouraged against ‘Reynolds and family’ …

The first rain meant getting drenched and playing in water and mud and making ‘kaagaj ki kishtis’ …

There were no phones to tell friends that we will be at their homes at six in the evening …

Our parents always had 15 paise blue colored ‘antardesis’ and 5 paise machli wale stamps at home

We remembered tens of jokes and were not finding ‘ice-cream and papa’ type jokes foolish enough to stop us from laughing …

We were enjoying our present more than worrying about our future …

Being emotional was not synonymous to being weak

We were using our hearts more than our brains, even for scientifically brainy activities like ‘thinking’ and ‘deciding’ …

Sharing worries and happiness’s didn’t mean getting vulnerable to the listener…

We were crying and laughing more often, more openly and more sincerely …

Blacks and whites were the favourite colours instead of greys…

Journeys also were important and not just the destinations…

We were not seeing patakhes on Diwalis and gulaals on Holis as air and noise polluting or allergic agents

Life was a passenger’s sleeper giving enough time and opportunity to enjoy the sceneries from its open and transparent glass windows instead of some superfast’ s second A/C with its curtained, closed and dark windows …

And now,

this is how I learnt to behave mature, I learnt to know when to act immature.

I feared being alone
Until I learned to like Myself.

I feared failure
Until I realized that I only Fail when I don’t try.

I feared success
Until I realized That I had to try In order to be happy With myself.

I feared people’s opinions
Until I learned that People would have opinions About me anyway.

I feared rejection
Until I learned to Have faith in myself.

I feared pain
Until I learned that it’s necessary For growth.

I feared the truth
Until I saw the Ugliness in lies.

I feared life
Until I experienced Its beauty .

I feared death
Until I realized that it’s Not an end, but a beginning.

I feared my destiny,
Until I realized that I had the power to change My life.

I feared hate
Until I saw that it Was nothing more than Ignorance.

I feared love
Until it touched my heart, Making the darkness fade Into endless sunny days.

I feared ridicule
Until I learned how To laugh at myself.

I feared growing old
Until I realized that I gained wisdom every day.

I feared the future
Until I realized that Life just kept getting Better.

I feared the past
Until I realized that It could no longer hurt me .

I feared the dark
Until I saw the beauty Of the starlight.

I feared the light
Until I learned that the Truth would give me Strength.

I feared change,
Until I saw that Even the most beautiful butterfly Had to undergo a metamorphosis is Before it could fly.

Is the above is an explanation of your journey ? Oh Yes ! You have grown mature..

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The power of 7 Powers

While a Cursory check-up through the oldest blogs, one article grabbed my attention,The power of 7 powers. I read it once again which I might have read a long time ago. It is an amazing article shared with me by The World Peace Keepers Movement which I thought to share with you all and including the same in my blog page. This article is worth reading.

• The Power of Gratitude

It is gratitude which makes the universe abound in blessings. The more you thank, the more you feel blessed. When gratitude envelops your being, you feel the hidden power of this human value. It transforms from inside. Gratitude is a great power.

• The Power of Forgiveness

Through forgiveness you rise above human hurt. When you are hurt, revenge is normal. Forgiveness is not human. It is divine. A power unparalleled.

• The Power of Love

Love is a great emotion. When in love, life becomes heaven. Does heaven in the life after death really matter? Life itself is heaven. Heaven comes to earth where love is overflowing. Wow ! What a power !

• The Power of Humility

In humility you accept simply and modestly your weaknesses and failings. You have no ego to protect, no pride to display, no arrogance to throw around. The power of humility lies in the great internal peace it brings to the individual. Nothing to show off. You look so beautiful!

• The Power of Giving

When you give your life and soul to a mission, you realise the true value of giving. The greatest giver in the universe is God. None can match his power. All hands are raised upwards in a perpetual state of receiving. The power always lies with the giver. Giving is indeed a great power. Give of yourself and embrace this power.

• The Power of Patience

In patience, difficulties vanish into thin air. Even while suffering, the internal fortitude manifests itself into a magnificent power called patience. Patience does not rest. It exercises its strength through the force of its action to overcome its hardships and troubles.

• The Power of Truth

Truth is the crown of all powers. It stands on the head of every spiritual king. Spirituality reveals itself through truth. Where there is truth there is purity. A power so pure, for man’s mental disease a sure cure.

Let’s safeguards these powers within ourselves so that they keep empowering you and your beloved ones always.

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Boss – Handle with Care

Throughout my career in Customer Service, I’ve come across several Bosses and I consider thyself very fortunate that all of them were very supportive, mentoring and caring. But the case is not very same with everyone.. Chain of Boss or to be more precise many kind of Bosses are there to explain and understand “Boss – Handle with Care”.

Once my Boss told me

Like you can’t choose your parents, you can’t choose your Boss


You may be very good and you have solved all the way puzzle, thus, have started understanding your immediate supervisor. Have you understood Boss of your Boss and his Boss and so on? Like me, you also are looking for the answer to this question. I have tried to analyze and pen down my views as much as possible. Let’s have a quick look and tips to handle them effectively:

  1. The Over – Friendly One: The most lovable and caring kind of Supervisor. He/she is the one who loves to enjoy the environment. For him, work environment is more important than his/her CTC (Cost to Company) or your CTC. Your life is easy in every way when he/she is around. They are the best in their people management skills due to the fact that they are people friendly. Apart from this, there are very high possibilities that they are weak of ears. Be aware, he/she may not be contributing to enhance your skills as they are too friendly to correct you when you are at fault.
    1. You are not supposed to learn anything about handling such Boss. Focus on your skill enhancement instead.. Don’t get too attached and learn how have they developed their people management skills. Since your wrong deeds have not been corrected yet, there are possibilities that you have not learnt the ‘Art of Patience’.
  2. The Guru One:The respectful one. He/she loves to be respected and maintain distance with their subordinates. Due to their nature of maintaining distance they tend to lose grip on people however, remain to be a respected figure. They are excellent in teaching the traditional ways of delivering a task. Exceptions are always there.
    1. Better to maintain a distance if you come across any such Boss. Learning is obvious thing which you get when he/she is around. Briefings and classes seems to be boring yet full of knowledge. Try to be a good student rather than an employee.
  3. The Mentor One:The disciplined and ideal one. He/she is very calculative and possesses excellent analytical skills. They know your weak areas and hence they know when and where to push your weak links. They are excellent in teaching and guiding you with the right skills. Be aware,you may be getting the highest rate of scolding when he/she is around. Don’t be afraid, the scoldings are for your own benefit.
    • Focus on learning and learn as much as you can. Don’t feel bad about any words they say, coz the words are not meant to hurt you or your feelings. Don’t be impatient. Give them respect and treat them as your mentor. Such Boss is to be praised for their harsh nature at times.
  4. The Rude One:The unfriendly one. Such Boss does care for the employees. However, in due course of time they have developed experience of being rude. It might be that they have been treated this way only so they think work can be done like this only. He/she is very less with knowledge sharing and very high with work delegation. Be aware, when they delegate any task. Check for the TAT (turn around time) and get back to them within the time frame.
    • Skill set to be on high side. Be a smart worker rather being a hard worker. Learn to understand what exactly he/she wants. Such Boss is not easy to handle and at times you get to feel losing your own existence. Patience is the key word in case you don’t have any other survival option
  5. The Greedy One:The Negative one. You feel negativity all around. Environment and work is not at all pleasant. You want to get rid of them.
    • Immediately switch the job. You are at wrong place.

There has to be a management lesson about how to handle your Boss. Nevertheless, I’ve tried to incorporate some points which may be beneficial to you. All the Best for your future endeavors.

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Act of Producing Thoughts – Amazing Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats

is a book by Edward de Bono which describes a tool for group discussion and individual thinking involving six colored hats. “Six Thinking Hats” and the associated idea parallel thinking provide a means for groups to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive way, and in doing so to think together more effectively

Six Thinking Hats’ is an important and powerful technique. It is used to look at decisions from a number of important perspectives. This forces you to move outside your habitual thinking style, and helps you to get a more rounded view of a situation.

Many successful people think from a very rational, positive viewpoint. This is part of the reason that they are successful. Often, though, they may fail to look at a problem from an emotional, intuitive, creative or negative viewpoint. This can mean that they underestimate resistance to plans, fail to make creative leaps and do not make essential contingency plans.

Similarly, pessimists may be excessively defensive, and more emotional people may fail to look at decisions calmly and rationally.

If you look at a problem with the ‘Six Thinking Hats’ technique, then you will solve it using all approaches. Your decisions and plans will mix ambition, skill in execution, public sensitivity, creativity and good contingency planning.

Each ‘Thinking Hat’ is a different style of thinking. These are explained below:

White Hat :

Six Thinking Hats White

The White Hat calls for information known or needed. “The facts, just the facts.” With this thinking hat you focus on the data available. Look at the information you have, and see what you can learn from it. Look for gaps in your knowledge, and either try to fill them or take account of them.

This is where you analyze past trends, and try to extrapolate from historical data.

Red Hat:

Six Thinking Hats Red

signifies feelings, hunches and intuition. When using this hat you can express emotions and feelings and share fears, likes, dislikes, loves, and hates. ‘Wearing’ the red hat, you look at problems using intuition, gut reaction, and emotion. Also try to think how other people will react emotionally. Try to understand the responses of people who do not fully know your reasoning.

Black Hat:

Six Thinking Hats Black

The Black Hat is judgment – the devil’s advocate or why something may not work. Spot the difficulties and dangers; where things might go wrong. Probably the most powerful and useful of the Hats but if overused creates problem. Black hat thinking looks at all the bad points of the decision. Look at it cautiously and defensively. Try to see why it might not work. This is important because it highlights the weak points in a plan. It allows you to eliminate them, alter them, or prepare contingency plans to counter them.

Black Hat thinking helps to make your plans ‘tougher’ and more resilient. It can also help you to spot fatal flaws and risks before you embark on a course of action. Black Hat thinking is one of the real benefits of this technique, as many successful people get so used to thinking positively that often they cannot see problems in advance. This leaves them under prepared for difficulties.

Yellow Hat:

Six Thinking Hats Yellow

The Yellow Hat symbolizes brightness and optimism. Under this hat you explore the positives and probe for value and benefit. The Yellow Hat helps you to think positively. It is the optimistic viewpoint that helps you to see all the benefits of the decision and the value in it. Yellow Hat thinking helps you to keep going when everything looks gloomy and difficult.

Green Hat:

Six Thinking Hats Green

The Green Hat focuses on creativity, the possibilities, alternatives, and new ideas. It’s an opportunity to express new concepts and new perceptions. The Green Hat stands for creativity. This is where you can develop creative solutions to a problem. It is a freewheeling way of thinking, in which there is little criticism of ideas.

Blue Hat:

Six Thinking Hats Blue

The Blue Hat is used to manage the thinking process. It’s the control mechanism that ensures the Six Thinking Hats® guidelines are observed. The Blue Hat stands for process control. This is the hat worn by people chairing meetings. When running into difficulties because ideas are running dry, they may direct activity into Green Hat thinking. When contingency plans are needed, they will ask for Black Hat thinking, etc.

Key Points

Hats is a good technique for looking at the effects of a decision from a number of different points of view.
It allows necessary emotion and skepticism to be brought into what would otherwise be purely rational decisions. It opens up the opportunity for creativity within Decision Making. The technique also helps, for example, persistently pessimistic people to be positive and creative.
Plans developed using the ‘6 Thinking Hats’ technique will be sounder and more resilient than would otherwise be the case. It may also help you to avoid public relations mistakes, and spot good reasons not to follow a course of action before you have committed to it.

Six Thinking Hats explained

  • Managing Blue – What is the subject? What are we thinking about? What is the goal?
  • Information White – considering purely what information is available, what are the facts?
  • Emotions Red – intuitive or instinctive gut reactions or statements of emotional feeling (but not any justification)
  • Discernment Black – logic applied to identifying reasons to be cautious and conservative
  • Optimistic response Yellow – logic applied to identifying benefits, seeking harmony
  • Creativity Green – statements of provocation and investigation, seeing where a thought goes

I wish that the above Thinking Hats Technique will help you solving complex problems like never before. All the Best…

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Leh Trek : Unfolding a lesson Untold

Paradise on Earth – “Leh Laddakh.”

Leh – Known place yet unknown truths and self explanatory existence of unknown knowledge, unreachable heights and immeasurable potential. Readers reading this blog are advised to hold their breath, get a clean slate of thoughts and feel the fresh air of knowledge and potential a person can grow in time.

Leh Trip Feature Image
Leh Trip Feature Image


My pleasure to Welcome readers on a virtual tour of LEH with some lessons unfold. 13 Days followed with 8 Management lessons. It’s been time and hence we may state that the experiences are worth fruitful to share and spread.

Thumb rule – On bikes for whole day and with Sunset look for place to stay, was our thumb rule.

  • Thumbs-up – Everything is right
  • Thumbs down – Please stop! I need help.

Jun 9 – Day 1 (Delhi to Manali) – Four friends from Delhi started for Leh. The Itinerary was very simple and flat. Move in the direction of nose, cover a circle and come back to Delhi. So, we started. Absolutely blank yet prepared to gain as much as we could. I had to drive and remain at last due to unavailability of side mirrors which ideally should be available with bike. However, I broke the rule several times.

It was a non-stop ride on bike for close to 16 hours, when we managed to reach Manali. When we reached, it was pitching dark and people from Delhi and nearby were already there blocking the entire Mall Road. We thought coming to Manaliis perhaps our journey from Delhi to Delhi :). After a long wait, we managed to get some relax at a resort situated at Rohtang Pass Road.

You can do it – Attitude to keep your head high: Driving for 16 hours and that too on motor bikes was something which we never thought of or imagined of. It’s a mind game which allows you to choose failure or success. Keeping your head high and thinking that you can do it, always gives an inner strength and gives an energy boost to accomplish the task. “You can do it” is an ultimate key reflecting self confidence. A manager is required to keep “Can Do It” attitude. Leh trek reminded us again & again and kept us alive throughout our journey.

Jun 10, 2013 – Day 2 (Manali to Sarchu – Change of Plan; stayed at ‘Sisu’) – Early morning we started from Manali for Keylong. It was pre decided that by sunset we had to reach ‘Sarchu’. This was to ensure that we keep a day buffer for the journey and absolute adherence to what we planned.

Crossing Rohtang Pas (13000 feet) was a real adventure and a real pain. Snow all around, less oxygen for lungs and hell lot of water to save us from AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) were three deadly combinations. Somehow we managed to cross Rohtang by 01:00 PM and headed towards Keylong. Reached Sisu and we noticed only one hotel in good condition. That was just noticed not considered because we were planned to reach at least Keylong by Sunset. A few kilometers ahead and we saw breath taking land slide. Tons of water on road and in couple of minutes, road was invisible. Mighty mountains are showing their colours now. We understood from one of the BRO (Border road organization) staff that fixing the road to move further would take couple of hours. So we decided to wait and watch. That was another adventure.

By 5:00 PM, there were around 30 cars parked on mid of the road with us and awaiting for a sign from BRO staff to move ahead. In mountains 5:00 PM is when the Sun stops shining and is barely a light bulb in the sky solving purpose of giving light to earth. We decided to rush back to “Sisu” village and book the only hotel as any further delay might give us troublesome night. We four friends talked and rushed back to hotel. Cracked a fare deal and stayed in hotel. Sun was then gone and only light which we could see was from hotel. Only sound we could hear was the roaring water of Chandra River. We saw all tourists whom we had left at landslide place were reaching hotel. In 30 minutes there was a huge rush and kiosk in the hotel. The hotel room which we booked was now rented in double price. Many of them had to spend their night sleeping in a common hall with zero facility and high cost. We saw each other and smiled and thanked to our proactive approach.

Be Prepared & Proactive – Sometimes intuitions do work:At Sisu we realized that a proactive approach and little preparedness based on our intuitions helped us in managing the odd situation well. Though we were delayed by a day which could be recovered, we managed to save our money, our happiness and our calm.

Jun 11, 2013 – Day 3 (Sisu to Sarchu) – We started for Sarchu and drove real fast. By the time, we crossed Keylong it was already 11:00 AM. Breath taking sights all across. Mesmerizing mountains are touching sky and four bikers are on road. We saw a mountain peak and checked map. Yes, we figured that post crossing that peak we would be reaching Sarchu where we decided to spend night in camps. We crossed Zing-Zing Bar and entered a pass named as Baralacha La.

Heavy Snow on mountains turned the seven colours in two that are Black and White. Sun was on head but its warmth was missing. By the time we crossed the pass, heavy headache was already welcomed. Medicines had no effect and it seems several hammers were screwed inside our head and were left with full key. We drove and did not stop as we needed to reach Sarchu for camping. Moreover we cannot afford to lose one more day. If can afford there were no place near-by to stay and spend the night. Of course, thumb rule was to stick to the rule. Strong determination we shown and reached Sarchu by 6:30 PM. We rented two camps and grabbed available cult in order to keep our feet warm. With the end of one more day, we learnt one more important lesson.

Do not die before it is actually over:No give up and fight back to achieve what we planned and we thought has helped us in crossing the difficult mountain roads and passes. That’s when we learnt, it is actually worth to keep ourselves alive.

Jun 12, 2013 – Day 4 (Sarchu to Leh via ‘Pang’) – Early morning, as planned we packed our luggage and started on our bikes towards our final destination LEH. According to the map, we were to cross Pang followed with Tanglang La in order to reach LEH. To reach More (Mo-ray) Plains which has a stretch of 40 Km falls and plateaus all around was our real fantasy. We witnessed beauty of nature there. Snow peaks in front, Rain which we left behind, Sun light at right and Greenery on our left built a mesmerizing view. We passed More Plains and then crossing the “Tang Lang LA” (one of the highest motor able pass of the globe) was a challenge. Somehow, we crossed Tang Lang La and that was the moment when we saw each other and we gave a victorious glance to the mountain pass. A feeling of proud and excitement ran into our bloods and we forgot our drowsiness. We reached LEH at 8:00 PM in night and rented two rooms in a guest house. As soon as we saw bed, our eyes wanted to sleep. I was moved with nature and was planning for next day view of Mountains from our Guest House.

Don’t rush to the conclusion, have patience and keep yourself Calm:On the way to Pang, I and one of my other three friends didn’t realize that we both had drove a little fast resulting other two left behind. So, we decided to wait and click some photos. This way, all four will be together again. While we were clicking panorama, some bikers came to us and said, there is an accident on the road and two bikers are badly injured. They added that they are moving to the army camp for help. I and my friend stood freeze. Thoughts were blank. I drove to the accident junction and my friend rushed to army camp for help. I tried to keep myself calm and composed. Prayed for at least a 100 times in two minutes. So nervous, and then I saw both of my friends standing by roadside and assisting a family. I reached and then got to know that accident did happen but victims were a couple whom I saw crossing us while we stopped at Pang to click photos. Unfortunate but got to learn new management lesson. Losing my patience and rushing to the conclusion created illusion which I realized later. Analyze the facts and then act.

Jun 13, 2013 – Day 5 (Stayed in Leh) – We were finally in Leh. The day was planned to take rest and collect Passes to explore areas around and inside Leh. So we approached a local tour guide and gave him required fees for passes. As discussed, he advised to collect relevant passes by evening. We thought to go for a local sightseeing. Whole day, we spent visiting Leh Fort, Local Market and Shanti Stupa. We agreed to one point that the ass breaking journey so far was worth to explore beautiful place like Leh. The day added two more learning to our experiences.

Take your time and get relaxed:It is advisable to get relaxed and give time to yourself. Your Insight and Thoughts are your greatest strength.

Respect feelings, culture and sentiments:People live in their local zone and carries different cultures and sentiments. Feelings remain same and human behaviors changes. We learnt to respect these attribute of human life cycle.

Jun 14 & Jun 15, 2013 – Day 6 & Day 7 (Leh to Nubra Valley to Leh; Crossing Khardungla Pas Alt – 18000 feet “Worlds Highest Motor able Road) – We were going to cross ‘Khardungla Pas’ on Jun 15. We did some research previous day about the difficulties and precautions while crossing Khardungla Pas (18000 feet). Khardungla Pas is world’s Highest Motor able Road located between a 40 km stretch of North Pullu and South Pullu. Roads were in extreme bad condition between the stretches. Nevertheless, we were excited and thus drove to gain victory on our fear. Lack of Oxygen and Snowfall throughout the year is two distinguished features of the Pas. At that height you cannot think of level of difficulties. However, on our bikes, we four friends started driving. By the time we crossed South Pullu, it was cloud all around and we were predicting snow fall at the Pas. Chilling wind and low temperature were then started piercing inside our cloth’s armor. Despite of full covered pack, we were helpless. We were driving real slow cause of weather and bad road. That was the time when we saw something written on the rock. It was “You are going to reach the world’s highest motor able road. Be careful. Sharp turn ahead.” We saw each other and smiled. But the smile was for few seconds only. We heard fear. Yes, a true fear which actually freezed blood inside our soul. We witnessed a family with their booked SUV going down from 18000 feet. A sudden death for sure. We gathered our strength and tried to keep our self calm. We remained silent and allowed the unfortunate incident to find its own path inside our heart and thoughts. Finally, we reached Khardungla. The glory to drive to the highest motor able road was then achieved. Post some photo shoots and a few puff of smoke along with famous “Kava”, we drove towards Nubra Valley. Drive of 2 more hours and we crossed North Pullu. We stopped at the start of valley for tea and light snack.

“I am not at all trying to explaining nature and beauty in my blog as no matter how much I try to explain, I would certainly be left with something or other. I know deep somewhere that the beauty of Leh and belongings cannot be explained or portrayed on a few piece of paper. It demands a many book to be written.”

Driving ahead was much pleasant as roads were real smooth and broad. Zero traffic and splendid view of valley was much relaxed to our eyes. Sand desert and river alongside is something which can be seen only in Nubra Valley. I may explain the valley more but here I would recommend all to go and visit the Valley yourself. Let your eyes explain the beauty in own ways. It was evening already and hence we stayed in a small village with little but personalized facilities. Next day, we returned Leh via Khardungla again. In other words we kissed the peak twice :).

Unfortunate accident, bad roads, extreme weather and many hurdles followed with beauty of nature, panorama view, and mesmerizing sights taught very amazing yet known lesson to us.

Sometimes It’s good to be silent and let things go:The whole episode was like engraved in our memories by then. Creating any noise inside ourselves will then become painful to remember. We learnt that Yes, It’s good to be silent and let things go.

Jun 16, 2013 – Day 8 (Leh to Pongong Tso to Leh (Crossing another one of the highest motor able roads “Changla Pas” Alt – 16000 feet) – It was Day 8, and we were out of our strength to go to Pongong Tso. We got to know that there might be heavy snowfall at Changla Pas and hence driving on bike was not at all advisable. Therefore we decided to book a Safari and visit Pongong Tso. This way we would be covering the trip within a day. This would recover the day loss at Sisu (Manali to Sarchu).

We started in Safari. Driver was newly married and was amazingly emotional about his new life. We learnt during our conversation that he eloped with his girl friend and married her in Leh. I must say we started with a very charming luck from Delhi. You may have understood why I am saying this.

Extreme green all around and by the time we reached Changla Pas heavy snowfall started. Temperature dropped to -10 degree as per locals. I and my friends have never witnesses such heavy snowfall and we find ourselves extremely lucky. Due to bad weather condition, we didn’t enjoy much at Pongong Tso. Nonetheless, memories remained with the photographs which we clicked mostly there at Pongong Tso (Freedom of being in Safari with an emotional driver). One general knowledge thing I must share here. It says that Pongong Tso is 70 Km long with a 30% and 70% share in India and China respectively. Lake shows all existing colors when exposed to Sun and is the highest manmade lake around the globe.

Anyhow, by the end of the day, we were at our guest house enjoying well grilled chicken, rice and soft chapati.

Open for feedback/suggestions:The local feedback about weather and suggestion to us to book Safari instead of visiting the mighty lake literally saved all of us from many unseen events.

Jun 17, 2013 – Day 9 – a much needed Rest Day at Leh. No learning of course. We cannot learn while we sleep. ROFL

Back to Delhi:

Jun 18, 2013 ~ Jun 21, 2013 – Day 10 to Day 13 – (Leh to Delhi via Kargil, Srinagar, Jammu) – It was time to return to Delhi. We gathered strength and headed towards Delhi via Kargil, Srinagar, and Jammu. I would prefer not to explain much here as who wants to come from Leh.

Nevertheless places to see while coming back to Delhi –

  1. Pathar Sahib – Holy place to visit just after you are headed to Kargil
  2. Magnetic Hills – Where cars automatically move towards North.
  3. Moon Land – mountain peaks looks like creators on moon.
  4. Lamayuru Monastery – Oldest monastery where it is believed that supernatural powers are treated not eliminated
  5. Drass – A place where the temperature was reported -56 degree once
  6. Tiger Hill – Do I need to explain this historical hill? I am sure “No”. Vande Mataram.
  7. Jojila Pas – For me toughest pas to cross. Frequent landslides. Be careful while you are crossing this Pas.
  8. Sonamarg – Just after dead Jojila Pas, eyes soothing beauty of nature. It is advisable that stays here for couple of hours and enjoys beauty.

Last Day of Journey (Jammu to Delhi) – Jun 21, we started from Jammu with a very heavy heart. Sun is not pleasant as it was during our complete journey to Leh. We knew that approx 800 km ride would not be easy. We decided to drive and only drive. By the time, we started it was already 9:00 AM. Our faces were dusty and needed immediate attention followed with a good face massage. We drove and reached Delhi by 4:00 AM next day. The roughness and rudeness of summer was then absolute understood by us. It was end of our splendid ride to Leh.

It has been months now, and I still remember each day and each moment. The experience of Leh trek is unforgettable…

I assume that now this blog can be concluded by saying “Amazing & Splendid Leh – I certainly miss you”.

A hope to visit Leh again, A wish to explore new lessons again, A desire to reunite again.

Concluding Experience @ Leh:

Expect the Unexpected: Expecting the Unexpected self-explanatory. Be prepared for worst, and be ready to cherish the success there after.
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Motivate Resources – Employee & Employer

A Happy Employee is the mirror of an Organization; Happy Work Force = Happy Customers   


Provide a great environment to work in and look after your employee the way you expect them to look after your customers.

Why should they be nice to customers if they are getting a raw deal at work themselves?

Below are certain ways to motivate the employees at call center, compiled, written and incorporated in this blog post consultation, real time study and some famous blog references.

Manager Feedback

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your people feel motivated and valued. Quite often a telephone call from a senior manager congratulating a team member on a ‘good week’ is equally as effective as an offer of a training course or gift voucher.

A positive attitude

It is vital that recruitment team managers realign their expectations and take into consideration the economic climate when setting targets and objectives. That being said, team leaders must encourage their staff at every step.

Keep things fresh

As obvious as it may sound, the key to motivation is to keep things fresh. Any job, however much you enjoy it, can become monotonous. This is even more true for the call center environment.

Small ‘quick fix’ prizes

Monthly bonuses and incentive schemes are always useful, but what will keep them motivated throughout the month is the small ‘quick fix’ stuff, the here and now, if you like. The little prizes they can take away with them as soon as they win them.

Training is always good, it keeps people up to date and focused on the job

Regular, effective and relevant training is massively important and a great motivator. Training is always good, it keeps people up to date and focused on the job at hand, and it will show them that management are concerned with how well they do their job. If they are given good quality training that covers the topics and issues they are faced with then they will respond and to a certain extent motivate themselves to stick with what they learn.

We all like to be rewarded or praised for doing it well

A good reward scheme is a great motivator, especially if your team are conducting outbound calls. Human nature is that no matter what job we do we all like to be rewarded or praised for doing it well.

What you have to do is have more than one activity running at any given point in time – immediate, daily, weekly, monthly – the key is to run an activity that suits all members of the team. Basically, the thing that might motivate the top performer won’t necessarily work with an average performer and vice-versa. So if you have different options then you should be able to give all of them something to aim for.

Rewards that come at the end of the period are too late to produce ongoing change. “Well done” at the end of the week has a short-term impact. Sustained change in behavior comes when agents are told right through their shift, every minute of the day. When they see the positive and immediate consequences of what they do, they do it even better and faster.

Motivation and reward schemes need to have a high satisfaction level and appeal. We are finding more and more that staff want rewards that they can share with their family and that give them a sense of well-being

A team huddle at the start of the shift

A bit of fun can go a long way towards motivating staff and helps to energize. At the start of shifts a quick ‘huddle’, not only to pass on bits of key information but to also share a topical joke or ‘vote’ on a true/false, can really wake people up! Far more effective than email bulletins that are rarely read!

Listening to your team

We have found that the simple yet very effective “secret” to motivating a call center team effectively comes through how one views motivation. We run with the premise that it is impossible to impose motivation upon people, you need to create an environment within which they can motivate themselves. This environment comes through really listening to your team, and understanding the call center from their perspective. You do not need to agree with everything they are thinking but you do need to understand why they feel this way. Understand what problems/worries they are encountering, what opportunities they see, what is important to them.

The best way to motivate call center staff is to ask for their direct input. A key area for consultation is the re-evaluation of the area where agents spend all of their time: the desktop. Agents frequently cite dissatisfaction with systems as being a major source of low morale.

Be careful promoting people into management roles – A Black-hole Situation

One of the most common mistakes is moving consistent. Well-performing call center staff promoted into management roles and away from the front line of customer service. Often when these top performers are being promoted to managing others, they are replaced by less talented individuals. Think on this critical aspect and you may want to reconsider your decisions a bit. Hiring of correct staff is one of solutions of this Black-hole situation.

This is very important to remove one sided favor to employees. This can be eliminated by identifying and checking the managers.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

An annual employee satisfaction survey won’t even cost anything. To find out what makes staff ‘tick’ on an ongoing basis you need to measure employee attitude at ‘key moments of truth’ for each employee. The best way to do this is to use employee feedback software which can provide a regular opportunity for employees to ‘air their thoughts’ in a non-confrontational way. And to provide that information to team leaders so that they always have an up-to-date picture about how an employee feels

Regular review sessions

In every role people want to develop their skills to help them progress. All members of the team should have regular review sessions which help staff and employers to identify both areas of strength and skills gaps. At the end of each of these sessions, targets are set for the employee to work towards, helping them develop in their career.

Encourage staff to dress smartly

Even though customers rarely come face to face with call center staff, it is important for them to act and look professional at all times.Putting on smart clothes for work puts you in a professional mindset. This develops personality which can also boost your business confidence and motivation.

Introduce colour in the work space

Inspire your staff to work hard and strive for success. Call center can be bland, so you can create a more vibrant atmosphere by introducing colour in the work space, using motivational images and pictures to brighten the area. These little, low-cost improvements can make a significant impact on your workforce.

Sometimes the simplest of changes can make a significant impact on employees’ working culture and attitude.

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Personality Development – Be better every day

Personality eventually changes into Aura. One should always strive to develop personality. Apparently most of us, don’t know, Where to start, What and How to move forward? Here are some tips which can help you in personality development.

Start with Believing in SmileS –

cropped-smile - personality development

S – 1 mile – S: A mile distance can be covered with SmileS. Break-up of words in our own language sometime gives insight to the actual meaning. Personality cannot be developed in a day. Regular practice with self cultural change can bring drastic and fruitful change in long run.

Allow yourself being an Optimist –

An Optimist is one who carries positive attitude. A positive personality is always recognized and admired by people. To be an Optimist, one has to be a solution provider. Remember that there are many who can create problems or put problems across. However, the Solution Provider and an Optimist are very few out there. Try to be a part of Optimist Community.

Understand difference between Confidence and Over Confidence and apply it –

‘I can do it’ is an example of Confidence. ‘Only, I can do it’ is considered to be Over Confidence.

I recommend avoiding ‘Only’ attribute in your accomplishments. This trait of human nature brings self possessed attitude and if not succeed then sudden drop in overall persona. It’s always good to think that you are capable of doing or completing a task, however it is advisable that learn from others too. There are many who may deliver the task better than you. Your speed of Personality Development process depends on your acceptance, understanding and applying this fact in your life as early as you can.

Avoid being a part of Chinese Whisper –


Chinese Whisper can be a game in which a message is passed on, in a whisper, by each of a number of people, so that the final version of the message is often radically changed from the original. This is ok till the time taken as a game. Anything more that is considered to be negative and attract negative perception resulting diminished Personality.

Listen to them first –

Be an active and patient Listener. This helps in getting to the solution. Also, it is an amazing art of putting your thoughts across. You can explain things better if you listen first. People share their thoughts openly if you are a good listener which helps in building good perception in their minds in no time.

It’s time to say good bye to your EGO –

EGO is considered to be good till the time it is not damaging emotions of others. It has often observed that people with high ego state are left alone. For personality development, we recommend you not be alone.

Are you well dressed –

We all have already read and understood this point very well. Many of the times, we have taught to be ‘Well Dressed’. People often take this as dressing sense. Yes, it’s true but not always. Neat and clean attire as per occasion will be a thumbs up. Nowadays, people notice your presence more than anything else.

Be consistent in your Personality –

Remain to be consistent. Try to make few things in routine. Very simple yet effective ways are listed below:

  • Try to stick to your favorite perfume or use similar fragrance – Your body perfume is a very small thing for you however in long run it becomes your Trade Mark.
  • Not too bold not too light – Try to go mild and average. Too bright or too strong attract distraction which is not considered to be a good personality development tool. I am sure you do not want yourself to be stared and unwillingly dragged in a Chinese whisper

Keyword – To be consistent, your follow-up needs to be strong. Keep Pen and Notebook handy always.

Reverse Osmosis Process: Be Pure –

Reverse Osmosis is a process where you de-ionize water by pushing it under pressure through a semi-permeable Reverse Osmosis Membrane. This principal of physics can be very fruitful if applied in life cycle. Going under pressure and attitude to learn new attributes make you Pure with every event. People love those who have learnt to be strong and yet ready to mild as per situation.

Adaptability is the Key word. Personality development is a process which takes time

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A decade old talk – Apply SWOT before it happens

History has a tendency to repeat itself. And it repeats, when you do not convert your weaknesses into Strengths. Similarly, when you do not change Threats into Opportunities. You are most likely to succeed in life if you use your talents to their fullest extent. Likewise, You’ll suffer fewer problems if you know what your weaknesses are. To distinguish thy-self among your competition, one need to be highly responsive. One needs to be aware of own shortcomings/strengths. One should possess good sense of competitive pressures and operating environment. To accomplish this, individuals can make use of the same strategic planning tools that companies have relied on for decades – SWOT..

SWOT simply stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

First two categories focus on aspects that are part of one’s internal environment which are under her/his control. Last two categories focus on identifying external factors that are generally not under a person’s direct control.

To engage in this analysis, simply divide a page up into 4 quadrants (like the figure below) and separately list relevant factors of SWOT as they apply to your situation.

Here’s a pictorial diagram of questions and factors to consider in a personal SWOT analysis.


Insights gleaned from the SWOT analysis should be used to develop objectives, strategies and action plan for the performance reviews and monitoring ongoing career development goals. Following set up (often referred to as TOWS analysis) can be used to create additional strategies – by considering how your personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats overlap with each other.


Chance favors the prepared mind.– Louis Pasteur

Key Words

A SWOT matrix is used in analyzing your strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats that you face. This helps you focus on your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and take the greatest possible advantage of opportunities available to you.

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